501 deaths from Covid in the UK today

I don’t usually talk about the numbers of deaths from Covid. I see the figures on the news. Like we all do. Hundreds in the UK. Day by day. On Monday I saw the figures.. 213 deaths on Monday. I think I may even have thought, oh that’s not as bad as it could be, 213. You get a bit desensitised after day after day of numbers of deaths.

Unfortunately I found out late this afternoon that one of the 213 deaths reported on Monday was my friend. My friend of over 12 years who I didn’t even know was ill. Apparently she thought she had a cold. She had known asthma but did not even get to the hospital and was found at home. So shocked. So sad. So sad for all the families and friends of these numbers that pass us by in our desensitised state every day. Be very careful everyone. We have consistently underestimated this horrible virus and I will never forgive it for cutting my friend’s life short.

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