Microwavable treacle sponge and belated Wellington College

Last night we stayed in, of course. Staying in is the new going out, unless you live in Scotland or maybe Wales from tomorrow. We enjoyed a chicken dijon meal from Cook, purchased via our new local Budgen’s store who now stock a limited Cook range. I served this with new potatoes. Realising we had no pudding in stock, I found this excellent recipe for a treacle sponge you cook in the microwave in 5 minutes. It turned out surprisingly well and I would highly recommend it. The recipe is here. Anyone could make this, even a child. Drizzle some more golden syrup on the top too once it’s cooked. We had it with ice cream. Yum.

Small blog pause here while I make a cheese sauce for the roast gammon and put the veg on…

OK, all is under control in the kitchen. It’s been a nice, calm weekend. Not a cocktail in sight. For lunch today we had this M & S soup that was really filling and tasty. It could serve as an evening meal for an elderly person. We would definitely have this again.

The photos I’ve been meaning to show you for a while are these ones from Wellington College last weekend. Wellington College is a posh boarding school in Crowthorne, Berkshire. You are not allowed to walk around willy nilly in the school grounds, but you are, however, allowed to go from one gate to the other along the main drive as a member of the public. It’s quite interesting and there are some good trees there. David says it reminds him of Hogwarts, not that he’s ever been to Hogwarts. Shame, must be kind of cool to be married to a wizard, don’t you think?!

Wonky photo, but you get the idea..

Very posh cricket pavilion. Looks like they have a lot of top notch sporting facilities. We could hear hockey going on behind a wall.


Close up of crest on gates. Anyone care to translate the Latin for me?

The College is usually famous for their annual firework display, I guess that was off this year, like so many planned events.

For now I’m off to serve up the roast gammon dinner. I wish you all a stress free week and leave you with some pretty autumn leaves ha ha ha what a pun 😂! Xx

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