Sun over The River Thames at Windsor

Hello. I’m back. Sober. Here’s your bonus Saturday blog.

After a disastrous attempt at a walk at Burnham Beeches this afternoon – do not go there unless you enjoy waiting in queues of traffic, looking for non existent car parking spaces amongst drivers of ridiculously large cars on particularly narrow roads, people everywhere, pushchairs, dogs, children running amok etc. It all got a bit stressful so we gave up and headed back to Windsor. It can be a problem in Windsor area on a sunny afternoon trying to find a quiet walk, especially on a lockdown weekend when there’s nothing else for folks to do. Windsor town centre was rather busy with people enjoying takeaway snacks and milling around, generally looking like tourists rather than exercisers. You are not allowed to be a tourist at the moment, but I guess planes of visitors are still coming in, even in the midst of the pandemic. Nothing really makes any sense does it?

We eventually parked up at King Edward VII car park and luckily could pay for parking by credit card, as David and I realised neither of us have used cash for such a long time we only had about 95p in change between us.

We found out later we should have parked in the Home Park car park the other side of the grass as it was only £1 an hour there not £1.60!! and there were plenty of free spaces there too. We were done.

Anyway, we had a lovely little stroll about, de-stressing after the Burnham Beeches experience.

I was very impressed with this tree. I like the colour and the shape of it.

Here are some other sights along the way…Windsor Castle complete with scaffolding work.

Local Windsor graffiti under the railway bridge 😂…

More nice trees and the river.

Tree with loads of seed pods.


A log seat looking like a Swiss roll.

I then got quite into the watery sun, it looked like a Turner painting. I didn’t do a quick watercolour for you I’m afraid, beyond my area of expertise, but I did take some more snaps on my phone…this is Windsor on the left, Eton on the right…(where Boris Johnson went to school, I don’t think how to run a country during a pandemic was on the syllabus back then).

Ancient water pump. Maybe the Queen still uses this but I doubt it!

After that it was home for tea and cake (M & S strawberry and clotted cream sponge roll = yummy but very sweet) and a catch up on the US election TV coverage. David is now helping out with a bit of my day job on the laptop while I talk to you (nice man!). Have a relaxing evening everyone. It’s a “dry” weekend for me so there’s a strong likelihood I’ll be back again in fit shape tomorrow for Sunday’s Waffle xxxx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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