Walks around Boveney lock and Wellington College

Hi, I just thought I’d update you on our walks from the weekend. It’s lucky we really like walking, as soon there’s not going to be a lot else you are allowed to do. Cooking, eating, drinking, blogging, reading and watching films. All allowed. Well that’s me sorted then. Tomorrow night we have at last secured a table for dinner… the last supper before lockdown 2. Windsor is going to be very busy tomorrow night. We are going to our local Nepalese restaurant. I particularly like their Momos = steamed dumplings filled with spiced lamb or chicken, but everything is good. We don’t usually drink alcohol during the week but tomorrow will be an exception. Party for two while we can. Yay! 🙂.

So here are the pics from the Boveney lock walk we did on Saturday afternoon. Saturday morning was super rainy, but we had unexpected blue sky and sunshine later on. I showed you pictures from here back in the summer, so these are going to be similar, but hopefully also enjoyable. More than one friend has commented that The Waffle thrice weekly keeps them entertained during this difficult time. I’ll have to keep my spirits up to keep your spirits up… like Vera Lynn?! 😂don’t worry, I’m not going to start singing… although I did indeed write my first ever song a couple of months back. It’s called “The Pandemic Blues”. I’ve done the words and I need to work on the music with David with some bluesy guitar. Watch this space! Right, back to Boveney…

The River Thames is really wide and full and majestic.

Moody sky before the sun came out minutes later.

Looking in one door, out the other of this little old church. If only the virus could pass through this quickly.

Well that was a lovely walk. But sorry folks, I’ve run out of time to show you Wellington College, next time my friends.. to be continued. I have a chicken and lentil curry to get on with cooking now and I’m getting hungry… bye for now. Missing you already 😂Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

2 thoughts on “Walks around Boveney lock and Wellington College

  1. Loved your pictures of Boveney Lock. Have you thought of trying cooked salmon + pasta + sauce(yoghurt or cream) + cooked vegetables of your choice? Makes a really quick warm meal for after your walks.

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