Roses of Dedworth, Wildmoor Heath and Christmas cake planning

Hello Waffle friends. It is nearly the end of October, can you believe it?? It is also Tuesday whereas for me it feels like Wednesday. It’s going to be a long week.

For those lovely people who noticed I have been struggling a bit recently, thank you my friends xxx. This week is still challenging but better than last week so far. Looks like I will get my day off on Thursday this week too. Yippee!! It’ll be Christmas cake making day. I was going to do a new Christmas cake recipe for a change this year, but David looked so disappointed ☹️ at this news as he so loves the usual recipe, that I’m sticking with the traditional one. This is the recipe my Mum always uses too, from her old gas cooker recipe book. I’m not sure if my sister makes the same, I think not. My sister does not have a sweet tooth and although she bakes a cake she sometimes doesn’t even ice her Christmas cake as she says she doesn’t like it, what a shame! It’s really not a proper Christmas cake without the icing and the decs on the top, in my opinion. For this year, I have new decs from Hobbycraft, one of my favourite shops in the whole wide world! Although as I already have quite a lot of Christmas cake decs some of these may end up on mince pies or Christmas cookies instead, we’ll see. Cute aren’t they?

The lovely yellow rose headline picture was snapped last week on my local housing estate, so pretty. I also came across this lovely red one.

And I have a few more photos to show you from not last weekend but the one before! This blog is not in chronological order of events any more. Does anyone care? Well, that’s one of the best things about a blog I find… you have the freedom to change direction or topic any time you want, just go with the flow… your blog = your rules! Time travel? Whatever. Anything goes. Are you keeping up?

So, over a week ago we visited Wildmoor Heath, which is a nature reserve in Crowthorne, Berkshire. We had a really enjoyable walk there. Here are some pics.

The start of the walk goes alongside these electricity pylons..

The never ending path of coronavirus….

Nice trees and a bit of autumn colour.. bracken reminds me of my childhood in Richmond Park.

Boggy ground..but they provide good boardwalks for you to walk on, they make a great hollow, echoey sound under foot!

And this is the notice board back by the car where I proved to David that this area is called Wildmoor Heath. He though it was called Edgebarrow Woods.. maybe it is a part of Edgebarrow Woods. Who knows?

I hope you enjoyed the pics Wafflers. I’m off to bung a ready made M & S moussaka in the oven. You missed the caramelised red onion and goat’s cheese tarts last night, they were yummy. Sadly after that I am training David on a bit of my job he offered to help with working from home, until I get a new staff member in place. Sad but true… Back Thursday x

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