Trip to Wales (Part 2)

Hello everyone. Looks like we got our trip to Wales in just in time last week. We really enjoyed our mini break. We were a bit Covid apprehensive initially but we soon got over that and feel like the trip did us both a lot of good. We are already thinking about another UK based trip maybe in the Spring. It’s so nice to have something to look forward to, even if you are aware it may be cancelled or you may lose some money at the last minute.

The above picture and below were taken in Tenby, Pembrokeshire. Tenby is a really picturesque town and one that I’ve visited before and I’d happily go back to again.

David remembers scrambling to the top of this rock below on his A Level Geography field trip. (I also have an A Level in Geography, can’t remember where I went on my field trip, maybe Somerset..)

He wasn’t up for a recreation of the climb to the top from his youth, but did pose nicely at the bottom for me….

We paid £5. each to visit this old fort, St Catherine’s Fort. Looks like they need the money. It is interesting, but quite dilapidated inside.

The lovely sands and waves of Tenby..

We also visited Pendine sands, where a large part of the 7 mile beach was closed to the public for Ministry of Defence testing/work. It was wonderful to stroll on a beach again.

So many worm holes here. We saw a man digging for worms on the beach for ages.

We had some good food in Wales. Nothing fancy. Good value for money with big portions..I do like scampi and chips..

After this I found a bit of room to share a jam sponge pudding and custard with David..

Delicious. This was at The Carpenters’ Arms in Broadway, 10 minutes walk from our cottage in Laugharne. We were amazed at the prices compared to Windsor… £11.95 for a quite drinkable bottle of wine in a pub restaurant. It probably hasn’t cost that in Windsor since about 1985!

Arthur’s restaurant in Laugharne is to be recommended for its seafood. I had an enormous portion of juicy local mussels to start followed by Thai green curry full of tasty fish. David really enjoyed his Tenby lobster thermidor with big juicy prawns.

He also gobbled up these chips.. that were a bit like potato wedges.

Everything in this restaurant tasted delicious and home made. I wish I could go again tonight! David moved on to a homemade chocolate mousse for dessert which I helped out with a couple of spoonfuls.

I also got to try my first ever espresso martini, which was really tasty. A nice alternative to a hot cup of coffee to finish off a meal.

As usual I have run out of time, so I’ll finish off with Part 3: Llansteffan Castle and beach next time. I hope you’re all keeping well wherever you are in the world and not stressing too much about Covid and your possible new restrictions on top of the old restrictions. Back Sunday xx

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9 thoughts on “Trip to Wales (Part 2)

  1. Another interesting piece! Brought back memories of Tenby from the 1970s! I too have A level Geography and went to a very exciting venue in Switzerland, stayed in a mountain lodge with duvets and saw a moving glacier! Lovely food in Wales!


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