Visit to Avebury

Hello. We’ve been on a little holiday. So exciting. We spent 3 nights in a cottage in Wales. I’ll tell you about the Welsh Wales bit next time when I’ve sorted out all the photos. On the way home yesterday we stopped off at Avebury, Wiltshire, where the stone circles are, and have been for the last 6,000 years. Yes, I did say 6,000!

It was a beautiful morning with a chilly wind and lots of sunshine. Perfect stone spotting weather. We’d been here once before, many years ago (maybe 16 years, not 6,000). I remembered that I liked the fact you can wander around right up to these impressive megaliths, unlike Stonehenge, where you cannot do so any more, although I did as a child. Avebury is also free to visit (yippee) apart from the car parking. We parked at the local village/sports club for a couple of pounds.

The fields of stones, and the big ditches or henges surrounding them are very imposing. They must have taken millions of hours and so much effort to create. Why did they build them? Who knows? It could have been for ceremonial reasons, no one really knows. Avebury contains the largest megalithic stone circle IN THE WORLD, so there. It is also a place of worship for today’s pagans.

I decided the individual stones were symbolic of my stand against coronavirus. Standing strong and tall, being weathered by the elements, but still there many, many years later. Holding their own majestically. Here’s the one that looks like a big nose.

This one’s an interesting shape too.

All lined up, nowhere to go.

The sheep were not bothered really, seen it all before..

The views and the atmosphere that morning were stunning.

As we left Avebury we passed this enormous manmade mound by the road. This is called Silbury Hill

No one knows much about this mysterious mound. Several different tunnels have been dug vertically and horizontally over the years, looking for a burial chamber, but none has ever been found. It seems to be just a very big mound of chalky soil, for whatever reason.

If you want to learn more about Avebury stone circles and henge you can do so here.

I’m off to rub some sticks together to make a fire for dinner. Roast chicken tonight. And there will be champagne. 17 years married today (gulp, can we really be that old?). I don’t think I’d ever cooked a proper roast dinner before I met David and I’ve done one pretty much every Sunday night since, except for when we’ve been away on holiday, that’s a lot of Sunday roasts happily gobbled up. Bon appetit. Back Tuesday xx

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7 thoughts on “Visit to Avebury

  1. Congratulations on being 17 years married! I love Avebury and Silbury Hill. Such mystic places you come away feeling the earth and sky more! Love your post.


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