One Tuesday in September

Hello and welcome to one Tuesday in September of my life. How are you all doing?

It’s been a good day overall. Not too much pressure at work for a change. A few things worked out better than I expected them to. The sun shone this afternoon. All is right with the world, apart from the ****** virus, of course.

One day I will venture somewhere new. When I started The Windsor Waffle back in February who knew how Windsor centric my life would become. I know my local housing estate very well these days. I’m familiar with all the front gardens, extensions and garage doors. We have walked round and around and up the hill so many times over the last six months. We now have a few set routes. Sometimes we even do them in reverse, just to mix things up a bit, oh we really like to live!

So for today, my Waffle friends, you have more photos of Windsor town centre, from my lunchtime walk. I try to find interesting or beautiful things to photograph for you, something different. I don’t want you getting all bored of me and going off to read someone else’s blog, that will never do!

So here are the pics of the day:

Nice puffy clouds..

Before the sun came out, a moody church..

One of my favourite trees in the whole wide world, cedar in St Leonard’s road, Windsor.

Leaves in a hedge. Any improvement for you on leaves on the ground from last time?

I like the textures and how they’re just sitting there, being autumnal, just doing their fallen leaves all over the place thing. Also the contrast with the vibrant green hedge they’re resting on. Have I lost the plot? Probably.

After returning home for my tea and hot cross bun.. thankfully the new kettle had arrived from Amazon…

Let’s hope it lasts longer than it’s predecessor. Don’t buy a kettle from Logic, it must have lasted a year at most. Fingers crossed for the Breville…

Anyway, after that, I noticed how tidy the garden’s looking, not my handiwork but looking good.

And some nice pots full of healthy foliage..

Right, that’s the estate wrapped up for today. For dinner we’ll be having Nigel Slater’s toad in the hole, yum, yum, yum. Off to the kitchen I go to don my apron. That is a very weird word, “don”. I do hope you’ve been donning your mask all over the place and at all the appropriate times. See you in October xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

6 thoughts on “One Tuesday in September

  1. Always good to hear about your local adventures! We have ventured North to Scotland as Italy was “off”. So far so good. Amazing views and beaches and we’ll when venturing out. Everyone is staying safe and doing the right thing and we are so glad we came. We definitely needed a change of scenery. Stay safe and healthy! Xx

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