This is David’s little autumnal arrangement. We collected the acorns on our walk in Windsor Great Park yesterday. I love how smooth the big, green acorns feel and how tidily they sit in their little cups.

Here are some other views from our walk. I never tire of this stroll. What a majestic oak!

Sweet chestnuts.

Such a lovely, fresh colour, this tall beech tree.

Yellow flowers on the crops in the fields. I’m not sure what this crop is. I don’t think it’s vibrant enough to be rapeseed.

The ground! David asked me if I took this shot by accident. I did not. I like the dried, brown oak leaves. England’s pleasant land.

As the sun goes down behind the ash tree behind my house, I reflect on a quiet, pleasantly uneventful weekend.

Last night we quaffed champagne, David’s gift to me for reaching 100 followers on The Windsor Waffle. Cheers and thank you my dear followers, much appreciated! I do love to chat to you all.

I think David may also be celebrating the new electric garage door. He wanted one of these for ages. It looks very smart and is easier to get our bikes in and out.

The roast chicken is in the oven, roast potatoes too. Yum yum.

This is an M & S chicken from Norfolk. Last time the M & S chicken seemed to slice more easily, was less crumbly than the Ocado equivalent. We will also be having cauliflower, carrots and gravy.

For dessert… love is giving your only chocolate mousse to your husband.

I cannot describe how delicious these little chocolate pots are. I know there’s no way David will share. He frequently says he needs to write to the company as he needs an ENORMOUS serving of this, not just a little pot!

Meanwhile, I am left with a lemon & lime posset, substituted by Ocado instead of a second chocolate mousse…

Maybe it will “Wow” me. Time will tell. I will keep you posted on this and other very important matters. Bye for now everyone and thanks again for helping me reach Waffle champagne status. 🤗xxx.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

3 thoughts on “Acorns

  1. Acorns, sweet chestnuts, a clear indication Autumn is here and lovely Roast Chicken and Roast potatoes – thoughts of things to come with Christmas next – the light in the middle of our darkness! Wonderful Gail.

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