Sunday’s Walk

Hello. Yes I am aware it is TUESDAY not SUNDAY today, but I ran out of time to tell you about Sunday’s walk around Boveney/Dorney. Also I have not much to say regarding Monday and Tuesday. It was WORK, WORK, WORK. Tonight I’ve been to my new yoga class. So relaxed. I’m in another zone at the moment. I do enjoy a good lie on the mat focussing on my breathing. What else happened? Oh yes, we put the bins out tonight… NOT INTERESTING GAIL !! Since lockdown we have a bit of a bin lottery in Windsor. Place your bets please on which bin they will collect tomorrow morning.. could be the big grey one, the big blue recycling one, or the little food waste one… or any combination of the above. Our Council like to keep us on our toes. They are supposed to collect all of them every week again now but so far they only manage one at a time and not in any kind of routine it seems, and certainly nothing matching any information they’ve given to us in expensively produced letters mailed out to every household. The poor Council do not blame themselves at all for this..apparently it is all their contractors’ fault and not their responsibility at all. We Windsor residents are not amused. Well, that was quite interesting after all (maybe?!), me having a little chilled out rant about bin collections. I must do more yoga. Clearly I still have “issues”!!

Before I go off on another one, here are the lovely pics of lovely Boveney. I was well excited that the little old church was open this time. We’d never been in it before. It’s really old and so cute. I really like churches but am not religious at all…figure that one out. I love the tranquil space and calm in churches, and the architecture of big churches especially cathedrals. I really love a cathedral me. My this blog does take me down all sorts of unexpected paths of my mind. It’s a real labyrinth in there!

So simple inside. A sort of plain, rustic charm.

The font.

Some soldiers to remember.

Creaky door.. actually not sure if it was creaky, but it looks like it!

A few wild flowers outside.

Stained glass, so pretty.. see beautiful blue glass headline picture and below. I love stained glass.

BTW There’s a lovely stained glass window at work I should photograph for you some time. It always cheers me up.

The majestic river Thames.

We ended up in Dorney, home to the 2012 Olympic rowing and canoeing events.

We assumed this area around Dorney Lake was open to the public again after its lockdown during lockdown (if you see what I mean?) due to antisocial yobs, parties and littering, as we entered through an open gate with some other people. But when we tried to exit at another entrance/exit we hit this locked gate. Mmmmmm.

Faced with a long walk back around, we found a sneaky solution nearby. David climbed over a wooden fence and I managed to climb through it with my long skirt on. Found out my back is getting pretty flexible with all this yoga going on. I also managed to put a conker I’d found in the front pocket of my little rucksack by stretching my arm completely behind me without taking the bag off my back…. an amazing Mr Tickle-like move with space in my shoulders. Thanks yoga teachers!

Well I hope I’ve stretched your mind a little this evening with my Waffle. Remember to be extraordinary my friends. “Normal” is overrated. Reach for the stars! ❤️Xx

p.s Extraordinary cows in the road.. we don’t see this often in Windsor area. It’s ancient common land here in Dorney. Honestly, some creatures would do anything to get their pic on The Waffle….

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Walk

  1. Laughed at the creaky door!!!! Well don’t actually know it is but it looks like it. Lovely pics and I take on board re yoga. I think I might need to take that up x

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  2. Not to self from our walk on Sunday (5.5 miles around Loxwood / Wey and Arun Canal) –

    A short cargo skirt makes for a very inelegant climb over a weirdly high stile!!! Luckily, it was only Jim and a herd of Charolais cattle who got the full eyeful . . . . .


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