On this day in my Waffle life… err, nothing happened

It was a boring day. Nothing happened. The end.

Hang on a minute….there must be some Waffle to report after 2 days.

OK let’s start with the garden. Even though it wasn’t sunny today, it felt quite muggy outside and was plenty warm enough to sit outside drinking my coffee this morning. I do enjoy a 10 minute sit in the garden on my own.. except I’m not on my own.. there are birds and squirrels, trees swaying in the breeze, Mother Nature at work.

We’ve recently stopped watering the sweet peas, as they looked pretty dead. But the sweet peas obviously had other ideas as this lovely pale lilac flower was out to greet me this morning. So that showed me.

There is also a newcomer sunflower plant in bloom. This one has a smaller flower but I think it’s even taller than before. Way to go Sunny!

And just when you thought this was the last, this one is revving up to go too.

The sunflowers have been so iconic and popular on The Waffle, they almost deserve their own blog… now there’s a thought. That Van Gogh knew what was what.. until he cut his ear off that is, maybe the sunflowers told him to do it.

The other matter I must update you on is food! The sausages braised in white wine on Tuesday night were so delicious. I was particularly proud of my presentation..

Note the slightly lumpy mash, which as I’ve said before is how I like it, no Michelin starred purée in this house, oh no. The white wine jus was sublime… all oozed into the sausages. I could eat this all over again. Except tonight we have lamb stew on the menu… and that’s looking pretty damn good too.

If I’m honest, I’ve had a touch of the pandemic blues today. The boringness of it all. I told David he should write me a pandemic blues song, as he’s great at blues guitar and singing. Writing songs does not appeal to him though, I guess I’ll have to write my own….

We did some chores at home, had a walk up the hill in the rain and we got completely soaked. We are now wearing his and hers first class airline pyjama bottoms.. from the days when we used to travel on our air miles. I really miss travelling. Sometimes I think for me travelling is not optional, it is part of my essence and is as important as sleeping, eating or breathing. Does that sound weird? When I was 23 years old I went on my own to live in Tokyo for a year. It was great. No regrets. I need to see different cultures, people and places. Strangely when I go around the world I often miss my garden rather than my home, my little green piece of England’s earth. Anyway, I digress… (as usual I hear you say… cheeky!). The only thing that lifted me from my bored stay at home mood today was getting lost in the making of a lamb stew. I forgot I was sad and just got consumed in the process of the dish and before I knew it I was getting quite excited about how it was looking and smelling.

And even though it has chopped potatoes in it, I’m going to serve it with these extra new potatoes from M & S, because you really can’t have enough potatoes can you? Especially after a heavy day of doing next to nothing 😂.

This lamb stew recipe by the way is from the Highclere Castle recipe book I bought there once ie the setting for Downtown Abbey… more about that another time. Bye for now Wafflers of the World xxx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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