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Hi, I haven’t had a cappuccino in months, as I stopped visiting coffee shops, but I have been practising saying it, in my best Italian accent. For want of anything better to do, I have started a free Open University course in beginners Italian food and drink. The link to the course is here. It’s only 4 hours in total, quite fun now that I’ve found a place where the course works ie. on my pc at home with headphones and mic. I tried first on my iPad and phone but frustratingly it wasn’t compatible. I’m learning how to order a coffee and a pastry in a café. I have absolutely no idea why. Do you think they will be impressed next time I go to Café Nero in Windsor? I think not, most of the staff seem to be Eastern European rather than Italian anyway. The most interesting thing I’ve learnt so far is una pasta does not mean a bowl of pasta as I assumed it would. Oh no, my Wafflers, una pasta means a pastry.. so that’s quite good to know!

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I’m not likely to go to Italy (or anywhere else) any time soon. My main problem so far is I keep trying to pronounce things a) like French, as I used to be fluent in French, or b) like Japanese as I used to study basic Japanese. The words ending in a flamboyant “o” in Italian like “bellissimo” I’m finding I’m cutting the “o” too short like in “arigato” in Japanese. Which reminds me, when I went to Florence for a long weekend many years ago with my sister, my sister who speaks neither Italian nor Japanese, successfully gave some directions in Italian to a very grateful Japanese tourist 😂. I think she used some English words with some “o”s on the end, did a lot of enthusiastic pointing and waving her arms about, and that seemed to do the trick!

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I could pretend we’re having spaghetti carbonara tonight, but The Waffle is a place of honesty and integrity, and we’re not. Instead we’re having scallops wrapped in bacon with mashed potatoes and Irish Clonakilty black pudding. We haven’t had this make of black pudding for a long time. I’m hoping it’s as good as we remember it to be. It contains oatmeal, so is a bit like a cross between black pudding and haggis, from what I remember. So now we’ve launched off on a tangent to Scotland with the haggis… my what a multicultural trip on The Waffle bus this evening.

In other news of the day I have had a haircut… first one since New Year’s Eve. It’s still reasonably long and I’ve changed my parting, but it’s a lot tidier now. This should last me another 8 months at least 😂. I took my hairdresser some rhubarb from the garden which she was very happy to receive and said she will be making crumble tonight. I, on the other hand, came home to mix up another rhubarb cake. I honestly never tire of making (easy) or eating (delicious) this cake. I’ll probably have some for pudding tonight.

Mixing up the cake..

And after cooking for 30 minutes, voilà.. or should that be ecco? Or “ta daaa!” or whatever we Brits would say.

David has just alerted me to a flooded flat roof on our property after the storm, so I’m off to help sort that out. Here’s a couple of pics of the day from our walk around the block in the rain…and one from last night at the pub… Bye 4 now xxx. Ciao!

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