Where do all the masks go?

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

I don’t mean the masks that end up as litter, in the street or in our oceans, I mean where do my masks go? The ones I know are in my house somewhere? Same place as the missing socks I presume? The missing sock monster has branched out into masks. I know I’ve purchased at least 4 cheap fabric masks now… there’s the cream one/s, the black one/s and the baggy grey one with stars on. I think my current favourite is the baggy grey one, it seems easier to get on and off than the others. I’m lucky if I can find one. I think they are probably lurking in coat pockets and inner sections of handbags..or in the laundry basket or mixed up with the ironing. I’ll have to get a better system as this is becoming ridiculous. And someone must remind me not to put my lipstick on and then immediately my mask because that is also just so moronic and I keep doing it! 😂

The windy wet weather is currently battering the plants in the Waffle plot. I’ve been out to survey the estate and it’s not looking pretty…

The lovely new patio furniture is hiding under its covers, wonder if that will ever come out again?

Every time I look around there is another pot or two toppled over..

The ever positive sunflowers, however, just don’t care… look at them.. ! still smiling with their lovely faces. They now seem to be on very good terms with their fuchsia neighbours.

The one good thing about this wind is I get to see the beautiful swaying of the ash tree in the field behind my garden. I love the way it shivers and bends. So graceful.

I feel a deep connection to this tree. It was one of the reasons we bought the house, falling in love with the view. When I lie on my bed upstairs, I like to have the curtains open a chink, to see the tree. I always find it calming. I’ve been watching it for 16 years (although I do go out sometimes you know!🙃) . This is the view from my bed:

In this picture you can also see the long grass where the fox family are often to be spotted or a muntjac deer. There used to be a horse in this field. The red kites soar overhead, and many many crows and seagulls. At dusk the crows fly over our roof in massive numbers, noisily chirping as they go. It’s like they’re going home to roost in the trees at the end of a busy day. I don’t speak Crow but I imagine they’re saying “hurry up, hurry up, it’s bed time, it’s getting dark, last one there’s a loser!” There’s usually a straggler or two behind, who can’t quite keep up with the A group. Oh my lovely local wildlife. I will really cry A LOT if the Council manage to achieve their wicked plan of a building development of 450 houses on this precious greenbelt land. Still fighting. Still hoping to win this one. At the front of my house I can see a bus stop and a road, which is handy, but not the same. We do also have 3 lovely trees on our front lawn… a lime, a copper beech and a silver birch. They cost us £££££££s in tree surgeon’s bills to prune every few years, but I do love them, and love to be the guardian of the trees.

As usual I’m waffling on… and about trees again! And how much I love them ❤️❤️❤️. Luckily many of you do too, I notice from your kind and lovely comments.

For now I must away to cook the salmon steaks, potatoes and green beans for supper. Probably with a bit of tartare sauce. I do like tartare sauce. Bon appetit everybody! Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

6 thoughts on “Where do all the masks go?

  1. If it wasn’t dark (bloody nights drawing in…..), I’d post a photo of my totally blown over runner beans!

    The ironic beans……

    We’ve been at home since March. The ONE WEEK we go away, the bloody beans all crop at once 😡


  2. That’s a lovely view. I hope you don’t lose it. I would be gutted if living there too and that view went. No wonder you like it.


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