Say hello to my sunflower!

This is my lovely sunflower I’ve been growing since lockdown. Its head is not that big, but it’s very tall and it looks like there are actually going to be 3 flowers on it.

I’m about 5’6”, so that gives you an idea. And no, I’m not kneeling down in this picture, as cheekily suggested by my sister’s partner. David and I measured it and it is approx 7.5 feet tall from the ground to the top of the head of the flower. I have a few other sunflowers growing in pots but this is the best one and the only one to flower so far.

So how’s your weekend been? It’s been so HOT in the UK. Still is. I am dreading my non A/C office for 8 hours tomorrow. We have a shower at work that no one uses, except me once in very hot weather when no one else was there. I had to improvise and dry myself on a tea towel as that’s all there was! Tomorrow I’m going equipped with a towel for perhaps a cool shower in the middle of the day. This may raise some eyebrows but I don’t really care…

I’ve been meaning to show you my mini art gallery in my home office, so here goes, I hope you enjoy.

This was a housewarming gift from my Israeli friend, Keren.

This silk scarf I had framed was also a gift from Keren. She went travelling to India and Nepal etc and I nearly went with her, but I think I’d just bought my flat so that was my priority at the time. Thanks for the gifts Keren!

This one below was a gift from a lady called Vicky who used to run Archer Farm B &B near Port Isaac in Cornwall where I holidayed with my family every year as a child. She saw some Chinese arty postcards in my room I’d bought at a village fête and said that as I liked delicate artwork I should have this papercut she’d had in a drawer since a trip to Tibet many years ago. I framed this as below. I’ve had this since I was a teenager. Vicky was a kind lady with a big laugh who cooked the most delicious suppers. The only dog I’ve ever enjoyed the company of was her black labrador called Friday. She passed away quite a long time ago now.

This one below is from my first ever holiday with David, to Rhodes.

We have been on A LOT of great holidays over the years. This is a tile I bought in Seville at the Casa de Pilatos. I really liked Seville.

These are some postcards I framed of the amazing artificial trees in Singapore.

This is a picture I bought in St Lucia on one of our Caribbean holidays. I liked the bright colours. It reminds me of several happy holidays in the Caribbean at various different islands.

This one was sort of a gift. Sarah and I stayed at a friend’s B &B in Somerset. We agreed that she would buy me this picture of daffodils and in turn I bought her one of ?tulips by the same artist, Susan Courtney, who used to work at the same place as me.

This is my decopatch “G”, my handiwork.

This was a present from my parents quite recently although I think they’d had it for a while. It is “John Betjeman’s Trebetherick”. It is also my family’s Trebetherick showing places very familiar to us from our family holidays there each year.

Lastly this is my little calendar. My Mum always buys me a calendar like this for Christmas. Oops! Just realised I’m still on July…

Actually, I’m not, I did turn over but I took this photo back in July. Here is August!

Right, now we’re all up to speed that concludes my mini art gallery tour, I hope you liked it. Au revoir! Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

8 thoughts on “Say hello to my sunflower!

  1. Top tip for tomorrow, Gail. Washing up bowl of cold water under your desk for your feet! Surprisingly effective 🥵 xxx


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