Going out again

Last night we had dinner in the garden of The Greene Oak, our local pub restaurant. We could walk there so no danger of picking up the virus in a taxi. It’s also ideal in that there is a big garden you can access directly from the outside, without having to go through the pub. It was quite busy but felt pretty safe and everyone was behaving themselves. We shared a starter of baked camembert for which we had some crispy toast bits to dip into it. It was very tasty. We then moved on to mains of roast chicken with gnocchi for me and an enormous rib eye steak with seaweed new potatoes for David. We had a delicious chilled bottle of South African chenin blanc. It then started to get a bit chilly and we were quite full so we skipped dessert and went home for coffee and chocolate for me and beer and chocolate for David. Altogether it was a nice evening and felt a bit more “normal” again.

Today we went to visit my mother in law in Crowthorne for tea. This is the first time we’ve been inside anyone else’s home since March. It was good to see her but did feel a bit odd back to our old routine. David reminded her a few times about social distancing as we are supposed to still stay away from each other especially within an inside space. I received a nice belated birthday gift from her of Amazon vouchers so I’ll have to plan what to spend those on.

Apart from those two outings, and a Zoom yoga class with Sue yesterday morning, the weekend seems to have passed me by without much achievement to note. I did the online food shopping and ironing, quite a lot of day-time napping with a migraine, and not much else. It must be all the excitement of going out again! I sadly haven’t got round to making any cocktails, making more rhubarb cake, making chocolate mousses in the slow cooker that I’ve been meaning to do, sewing, or my office renovation project with a large item I want to start decopatching. My new bin has arrived though. It is white mesh metal and looks far more stylish than the old one which had some country scene pictures all over it. My plan for the office is to get rid of all the wood and dark shelving and have it mainly white with lots of greenery/plants.

For tonight the gammon is roasting in the oven and I think it’s warm enough to eat al fresco. I always like to serve gammon with cauliflower in a homemade cheese sauce as it goes together so well. Tonight we’re also having a few green beans with the cauliflower in the sauce and loads of potatoes freshly harvested from the Waffle plot. For pudding will probably be some more of the rhubarb and crumble ice cream which is growing on me. Initially I thought it was far too creamy, but now I am enjoying the creaminess and David has decided he likes it too.

The pics from today are from our walk around Crowthorne, near Broadmoor Hospital. There always seems to be great sky in Crowthorne, and there are some wonderful trees.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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