Rules, rules, rules

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Hi, how are you doing? (Spell check just wanted to change this to how are you dozing!? Not a bad question on this scorching hot day today in the UK. Have you melted yet?)

This morning I had to go for a routine blood test at the hospital. What a lot of new rules there are since last time I went 3 months ago. You have to wear a mask, go inside for your number then wait outside, socially distance 2 metres until 4 July then 1 metre+, have your temperature taken, do not wear gloves (lady had hers confiscated, no idea why), make sure you exit through the new exit and not the entrance, don’t touch anything, don’t breathe near anyone etc etc. So that’s just the hospital rules. There are also the workplace rules, the hair cut rules, the outside rules, inside rules, seeing friends and family rules, the pub rules, restaurant rules, going to the toilet rules… arggghhhh! It was a relief to come home to my lovely garden where no one has to wear a mask and provided we have no friends or family over it is just the same as before, only better, as I love it more and all my plants are so lush.

My poor plants in the heat yesterday.. all so sad and droopy by the evening. I’ve been watering throughout the day today as I’ve been home, and coaxing and comforting them. I think they’re going to be OK, this weather’s not going to last much longer. It’s like a jungle now, some of them are so tall. Wow!

Last night we had the chicken pesto pasta with homemade lettuce pesto. Here’s the pesto after whizzing it up in my mini chopper..

I did confess to David before he ate it that it contained his most hated lettuce, such an honest wife I am. It was really easy to make, the recipe is here. You can use lettuce, spinach or any greens, wilting or not. David enjoyed it and thought it was nice for a change. I definitely still prefer pesto from a jar, but this is probably healthier. I also think there was a bit too much garlic for me and I’d reduce that next time.

After the hospital trip this morning I relaxed in the kitchen making some spicy Mexican meatballs from the slow cook book. Cooking is so mindful. I soon get into the zone, totally focused on the textures and colours, shapes and smells..

Here are the meatballs ready to cook. Oops I forgot to put the chopped coriander in them, too late now!

Here are some of them draining on kitchen towel after browning them in the pan.

And here they are bubbling away in the slow cooker (the green bits on the top are the coriander I forgot earlier.. ) I’ll probably put some more fresh coriander on just before serving. I love coriander, so fresh. It really elevates a dish. Get me, I sound like I’m on Masterchef or something! Some of this will go in the freezer by the way, we’re not that greedy.

We had a lovely impromptu new walk around Boveney/Dorney Common area this afternoon. We planned to go somewhere else but it was too crowded. When we got home the meatballs were smelling gorgeous.. I think it was the cinnamon mainly. We are going to eat them al fresco with new potatoes served in some deep white Ikea dishes my sister bought me once. I’m tempted to open a chilled bottle of white wine. It’s not an alcohol night in the Waffle household, but it’s soooooo hot, like being on holiday in the Caribbean. These really super hot days 34 degrees are rare for us.

I got some great photos at Boveney this afternoon which I’ll share with you next time. Here’s one at the lock, such a cute little hut! The house behind was nice too (I couldn’t photograph that as a bunch of young girls were having a bikini party in front of it). It was once my dream to marry a lock keeper by the way as I like their houses that sit by the river and the quirky way they often have multiple facades…

Good luck with all the new rules for life. Back Sunday 😎xxx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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