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Don’t be a mug, read my blog… ha ha🤣

How are you all? Just wondering what sort of mug you prefer? Big, small, chunky, delicate, patterned or plain? For me I think the type of mug you choose is pretty important in the enjoyment of the beverage.. what it looks like, the history of the mug, how it feels in your hand, in your mouth, is it smooth and easy to drink from? I have a colleague who only likes her drinks in a small mug. We all have our favourite/s. I’m going to talk you through a few of mine while you can a) think about your mug preference and what it says about you or b) wonder if I have finally totally and utterly lost the plot.

1 First up is my little bone china mug with different types of duck on..

I like this mug for a few reasons. I think it’s too small for a cup of tea, but I sometimes have a coffee in it. I like the design especially the way it goes on the inside too, not a lot of mugs do that, and it feels like a good quality mug with “Ducks, Roy Kirkham, England” on the base. I chose this mug as a gift for my great Uncle Lew, when he was living in a care home in Worthing. He was such a lovely man and I wanted to buy him something nice to cheer him up and I thought he might like the ducks. I don’t really know if he liked it. It was the first experience I had of someone with dementia. He got incredibly frustrated one day that he couldn’t remember who I was and he felt he ought to know me. I wondered whether my Mum and I should continue to see him, if it made him stressed. He did like doing little children’s jigsaws with us which was both endearing and also a little sad at the same time. When he passed away I got my gift back. It always reminds me of him.

2 Talking of quality, I have a set of these. These are expensive mugs at a whopping £26. each from Villeroy and Boch, “Premium bone porcelain, made in Germany”.

I like the plainness of the white. And the thinness of the mug, which is nice to hold. They are about the right size and weight. I bought these from Harrods with Christmas gift vouchers from my boss one year. David finds them a bit stressful as he finds them too delicate, thinks they are slippery and will tumble out of his hands. Actually I am the only person to date who has broken one of these. When we went to Harrods we went to the champagne bar for an overpriced champagne cocktail. It was a fun day. It’s good to have some self gifts that are way beyond your normal standard of living.

3 Next up we have this pretty mug, that I often find myself rearranging the cupboard for so I can get to this one. This may just be my favourite. It is a happy vessel. This is also fine bone china, from Stokes Croft where 10% of the profit went to this Bristol organisation. It was a gift to me from one of my oldest friends, Clare, who lives in Bristol. I love the unusual design with the strips of coloured pattern. The size of this is great. It’s quite big but not heavy. I often choose this mug for my coffee break in The Waffle garden.

4 These stacking mugs are very useful. They were quite cheap, from Waitrose. If you haven’t got any stacking mugs, you should probably get some. It is a joy to put them in the cupboard as they look so tidy, or to carry them back from the living room as you can stack them up and then carry both in one hand. Magic!

5 And last but not least, here is a mug I bought at the airport when coming home from holiday in Rhodes. This was my first ever holiday with David many many years ago and we had only been going out with each other for a couple of months.

We had a good time, but the holiday wasn’t without its challenges. Firstly David got a rash going right up his feet and legs which started on the plane and looked really angry when we arrived. I worried it might be contagious and wouldn’t sleep in the bed with him until we had sought medical advice! It was the end of the season, September/October time and the apartment’s water was solar heated but there wasn’t that much sun, so the shower was pretty chilly. We had a dinner we still talk about today when we took a taxi to a well respected fish restaurant by the beach. The place was deserted. We ordered red snapper which was the speciality. The fish was delicious and perfectly cooked. Unfortunately the owner decided to pull up a chair at our table in his cardigan and slippers to observe our eating, wanting constant reassurance that we liked the food. It was very awkward but was a good lesson to us that the food you eat is only part of the restaurant experience. However good the food, you need some hustle and bustle of other diners around you, some atmosphere other than being able to hear a pin drop. We were quite relieved when it was all over.

That’s enough reminiscing about mugs and stuff for now. If you’re really lucky, I’ll tell you about my work mug/s some other time! I’ll leave you with some pictures of the scallops wrapped in smoked bacon we had on Tuesday night, they were scrumptious. Bye for now! X

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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