Waffle garden tour

Hi, how are you all doing? I think for the first time today I don’t feel quite so bored. Writing “The Waffle”is always fun for me, hopefully as reading it is for you!?

So, let’s start off with a socially distant tour of The Waffle estate. Everything is looking so lush and green. Honestly, if you don’t like the colour green, you’d better look away now, as there is a serious amount of it coming up.

The hedge side of our garden is one big mass of green. Such a huge variety of dark greens, light greens, sage, apple, forest, lime, olive, solid green and variegated, you name it, we’ve got it. When I have my coffee break al fresco, I often find myself mesmerised by this mass of green. It’s a bit like staring into a fire, different bits leap out at you each time, completely addictive. Yes, Coronavirus has now led me to stare at a hedge, over and over, but it is a really nice hedge, look….

There is so much else of joy in the garden, and always something new, and an awful lot of green, that’s what gardens are all about.

The ferns are getting wild.

So are the potatoes..

The rhubarb’s been bonkers for a long time now.

The geraniums are looking vibrant. I like the red and green in the blue pot. This pot was given to me as a flat warming present many years ago when I bought my first home. It was from Gwen, my friend Clare’s Mum, and used to have an enormous palm houseplant in it.

The hanging baskets are shaping up, although sadly the two “apricot sparkle” begonias ordered for the front of the house have not arrived and the company involved are now ignoring my messages.

The sweet peas are coming up.

The sunflowers are happy. Although I will be happier when they flower!

Helen’s lettuces are nicely settled in on the wall and all around.

I might take a couple of lettuce plants to my parents at the weekend, as I am going to have too much for just me. I’m sure they will also be needing rhubarb, they always need rhubarb.

The tomatoes are also contently hanging around on the wall, and even after recent thunderstorms the vertical garden is still intact – yay 😀!

I also have my first two tomato flowers.. 🥳 yippee!

There is so much to show you… also some pretty flowers in contrast with the green.

(These are chives above, by the way).

And the hostas are also lovely in their interesting verdancy and not eaten by slugs (yet).

So much to show you today. In case you were wondering, there was also a little bit of cooking. I made this smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast for lunch, which was tasty. I hadn’t made this for a very long time.

There must be something fishy going on today, as tonight we’re having scallops wrapped in bacon. Probably served with new potatoes. Last night we had goat’s cheese and caramelised red onion puff pastry tarts. They were lovely but sorry I forgot to photograph them (too busy gobbling it up!). David likes to help with the red onion bit, making it really caramelised.

I’ve started thinking about food miles today, more about that another time. Just realised my scallops are from Peru (like Paddington bear?) and the bacon is pork from Denmark/produced and packaged in the UK. Mad! Apparently there is a lot of British fish that would normally be exported to Europe or used in top restaurants that is going spare at the moment. I love fresh fish and seafood, I will endeavour to purchase some of the same next shop. Bye for now folks. Back Thursday xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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