Sea bass tagine and rhubarb and crumble ice cream

Hi, how are you all? What’s cooking in your kitchen tonight? The other day I made this rhubarb and crumble ice cream, from the Good Housekeeping June issue. The rhubarb is made into a sweet syrup and puréed before swirling through double cream and condensed milk, with really chunky homemade sweet and buttery crumble bits on the top. My overall verdict is that it is good, but the overwhelming flavour is rich, creamy decadence rather than sharp rhubarb. It’s good, but there’s an underlying feeling that it is likely to clog up your arteries and give you a heart attack.

For tonight I’m making sea bass tagine in the slow cooker. I have to put the fish and the tomatoes in it in a minute. The fish has been marinating in a spicy olive oil mix all day in the fridge. I made a note last time I made this that it was very good but very spicy hot. 😅 I’m going to serve this with couscous, which will be a nice change and so easy to prepare. The tagine smells potent and warming. It looks like this so far..

The recipe is in this book; my favourite slow cook book.

I’ve had quite a productive day at home today. I did my parents’ online food shopping this morning and then made the first stage of the tagine. A short coffee break with Waitrose chocolate shortbread, some financial research online as to what to do with my ISA when it matures in a couple of weeks (still not decided, I need to discuss it with David). Then lunch of Cornish pasties, some ironing and walk to my friend’s house for a socially distant meet up in the garden. Walk back followed by tea and caramel cake for David, scone with damson jam for me, watched the Coronavirus briefing on TV, a bit more ironing, got clothes ready for work tomorrow all hanging on the back of the door waiting to put on.. navy trousers, navy sandals, floral long sleeved blouse with navy vest underneath. And now (obviously) it’s blog time and time to do the final stage of the tagine in a mo’.

For those of you missing the hot, sunny weather in the UK, it’s probably my fault as I’ve just ordered a garden sofa for the patio. Guaranteed to bring about a change in the weather. By the time the sofa is actually delivered on 22 July we will probably be into autumnal weather here. I hope not but who knows? It’s actually two chairs and a little table that push together to look like a sofa. I’m imagining David and I sitting on either side of the table bit with our cocktails in the middle, or our friends sitting on the chairs if we ever feel comfortable enough to have a barbecue gathering again.

The tagine now looks like this with the sea bass added and the sliced tomatoes on the top for the last half hour. I also added a bit more hot water as it was looking not quite saucy enough.

I’m hoping the tomatoes will mulch down a bit, because if they still resemble raw tomatoes David won’t like them. If not, I’ll just scoop out the tagine bit underneath for him. I hope it won’t matter that I left the skin on the fish, as I couldn’t be bothered to take it off. Fingers crossed it will be OK. If not, I’m sure the fish will be soft enough to remove the fish from the skin whilst eating. It is in fairly big chunks. Getting hungry now!

I hope you’re all fine. All that remains is for me to leave you with the pretty flower pics taken on our walk home today… and relax! 😊

I never knew poppies went all fluffy like this after flowering..? Maybe only some poppies do this?

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