The Starship Enterprise (and other home crafts)

David has now completed his Starship Enterprise model. It turned out very nicely, don’t you think? So perfectly glued and painted. He can have so much patience when making something precise (but mostly in life has so very little!). My thanks to Julie, David’s sister, for buying this for him as a) he really enjoyed making it and b) it kept him quiet and occupied for days on end. We may well be back to a lot of rock guitar again now, brace yourselves!

Having had the long weekend, I wish I could say I had completed one of my craft projects, but alas I have not. I seem to have been busy doing nothing. Where does all the time go? I’m not bored at all. I still have loads of interesting things to do at home, as well as talking to you lovely lot, of course. I still haven’t finished my Mosaicraft. It looks like this.

I’ve got out of the habit of doing that, even though I was enjoying it. I now feel tempted to go off piste and start some decopatch. Do you know about decopatch? It’s a bit like papier-mâché. You use very thin tissue paper and an all in one glue/varnish to cover things. It’s very therapeutic. Some people have covered whole items of furniture, chest of drawers etc, but I’m on small scale items. These are the things I have made so far.

1 A really big ‘G’ for Gail which is on the wall in my home office.

2 A little box that I like to keep shells in.

3 A pen pot

4 A dinosaur and a gecko. They get along quite well.

For my next trick, I have this enormous clothes peg/paper clip to decopatch. I am also very excited to find in my cupboard some new glue/varnish which is sparkly in an orange pot I’d forgotten I bought. I have never used sparkly stuff before on this… should be good!

On the food front, tonight I’m cooking Nigel Slater’s quick and creamy chicken curry, which I’ve made before and it was really good. It’s not quite as quick as Nigel Slater thinks it is, taking me at least 45 minutes rather than his estimated 30 minutes. These chefs chop faster than I do! It’s from this book. I like this book, but it doesn’t have any pictures 🙁.

Last night I made a really nice haddock bake and we finished it off for lunch in the garden today. This was from a Mary Berry book. The quantities she gives are for 6 people minimum but I just divide that by 2 and then we have some leftovers. The recipe included potatoes, mushrooms, spinach and undyed haddock. It was very nice and seemed healthy, although there was some double cream in there.

Off to check the rice and add the yoghurt and cream to the curry now. More cream. Oops! Have a nice week. Back Thursday x

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

6 thoughts on “The Starship Enterprise (and other home crafts)

    1. Thanks Kay. That’s nice you have your Mum’s handiwork to keep. Decoupage is a bit more difficult than decopatch. One reason I like decopatch is it looks good almost however you slap it on! So easy.

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