The Windsor Waffle Special Lockdown Q & A: Part Two

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Hi there. Hope you’re all doing well. For those of us in the UK I hope you’re staying alert, whatever that means, staying home but also going out for work, from tomorrow seeing more people but not really seeing them, driving to nowhere on your own, not staying, coming home. All a bit contradictory if you ask me, so most of us will just carry on in our usual lockdown routine. I don’t see the point in inviting a friend to shout at me across two metres in a park. David and I might attempt a drive to Windsor Great Park at the weekend to do a different walk, but if it’s heaving with people we won’t be staying.

Right, now I’ve got that lot off my chest, I’ll get on with the Q & A…As before I’ll give you the questions and my answers, so feel free to join in and share yours in the Comments section if you’d like, or just think about them on your own, ask your partner or discuss it with your dog, cat, child.

1 What’s the nicest thing anyone’s done for you in lockdown?
My boss was nice to confirm to me early on that I still have job, before I had to ask. I was happy that no one forgot my birthday even though it was tricky going to the shops at the time. I’ve really appreciated the Zoom social events I’ve been invited to.. a couple of birthday quizzes, book club and free yoga sessions, thanks Sue!

2 What’s the nicest thing you’ve done for anyone else?
I’ve been very good at organising shopping for my parents, sharing my Ocado slots with them and delivering to their doorstep. I’ve tried to keep motivated and work hard for my boss doing my least favourite task of work for days on end.

3 Have you bought yourself any cheer up treats during this period?
Apart from food.. crisps, chocolate which we don’t usually buy, cocktail ingredients, pink champagne for my birthday, I’ve also bought myself a new cardigan and two pairs of pyjamas. I’ve bought plants and supplies for my vertical garden project, and lots and lots of hand cream.

4 What has surprised you about your other household members?
I think David has coped with lockdown better than I have. I would have expected it to be the other way round. I am amazed at how many hours, days and weeks he can play the guitar for, I guess he must really like playing the guitar.

5 Have you become a domestic goddess during lockdown?
Not really! I cook a lot anyway but I have baked a few more cakes. In the beginning I actually cooked from scratch less often as I was very busy cancelling stuff at work, sorting out food shopping for everyone and generally being a bit stressed. David has carried on doing most of the cleaning. I have, however, discovered Febreze fabric refresher and now spray everything with it. After a horrible, smelly sweat smell on pillowcases I just couldn’t get rid of in the wash I am so happy to have found this. I spray it inside the drawer of my chest of drawers, I spray it over the bed sheets and duvet cover when I make the bed. It really works in neutralising bad smells. I’m now on my second bottle.

Over to you. Got any new cleaning tips? Any other wondrous words of wisdom or revelations from this period?

Last night’s scallops and black pudding were lovely. Tonight we move on to spiced salmon noodles from the Good Housekeeping Express cookbook. Yum, hopefully, I’ve not made it before.

Here are the photos of the day from yesterday and today. There are now two magnificent irises in my garden.

I have been enjoying the clouds whilst walking round the block again.

And of course, I always love the flowers..

Take care of yourselves, don’t forget to have some treats, we need them right now xx

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4 thoughts on “The Windsor Waffle Special Lockdown Q & A: Part Two

  1. Oooo yes, Teen’s Top Tip for Tuesday! White vinegar spray – husband swears by it for cleaning limescale on taps etc, I used it today to clean kitchen windows & french doors. Generous spray then used shower squeegee thingy to slide through too many months of yukkiness with absolutely no smears! Cheap as chips, maybe can be sprayed on chips too, who knows?
    Nicest thing today was a colleague of my daughter’s who arrived with 4 very full carrier bags for Windsor Food Share donations, must have cost her alot & the lady herself is currently furloughed from her job at Heathrow. So kind & so generous, made me think how truly decent 99.9% of people are, let’s forget the rest! Nicest thing I’ve cooked was….. Slimming World sweet potato falafel with a red cabbage slaw, google it, make it, enjoy it xx


  2. No need, Astonish sell a bottle all ready made, think it was from Poundland or similar. Magical stuff.
    Btw, the French use white vinegar as their main household cleaner. Yes,it does leave an odour for a while though not for long. Try it, we’re hooked!


    1. I sometimes put it in the washing machine drawer and run a hot wash with nothing in to give the old machine a clean, similarly have descaled the kettle with it, but I’ve never used it for spraying/general cleaning.. might give it a go!

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