The Windsor Waffle Lockdown Special Q & A

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Good evening, morning, whatever, my Waffle friends.

The more online videos clips of social distancing I see, the more ridiculous it all appears. Like some sort of Monty Python sketch. Nearly as funny as The Ministry of Silly Walks. Why don’t we incorporate silly walks into our daily life too whilst social distancing, just for a laugh? We could pretend it was a new rule from the government. Just me then? Oh, alright then.

For today I thought I’d mix it up a bit and do a Windsor Waffle Lockdown Q & A. There might even be some Windsor Waffle virtual awards.. just imagine a big, shiny silver cup with engraving on the side to be held overhead by the grinning lucky recipients.

The way this is going to work is I’ll tell you the questions and my answers to all the questions, probably the first five today and the next lot tomorrow, as I’ve got loads of these. If you want to agree or disagree with me, answer any of them or all you are free to do so in the Comments section below. If you can’t be bothered that’s completely understandable, but join in whenever you like!

1 What’s the best meal you’ve had during lockdown and who cooked it?
Beef Wellington and Dauphinoise potatoes from “Cook”. So delicious. The Beef Wellington is quite expensive at £20. for two, but really good quality. Someone at “Cook” cooked it. I just heated it up. I’ve been trying to get another one but they’d sold out last time I tried.

2 What’s the best film you’ve watched during lockdown?
Probably BlacKkKlansman. We watched this the other night, one of the few films in the last two years I hadn’t already seen at the cinema. I thought it was very interesting and well acted. It wasn’t as violent as I expected it to be.

3 What’s the most interesting wildlife you’ve seen over the past few weeks?
The Peacock and the Comma butterflies in my garden on my first day working from home, I really loved those.

4 What have you discovered about yourself during this period?
I really like nature and my garden. I enjoy taking photos. Writing feels like my natural state. Blogging is fun. I’m not as good at sewing as I thought I was. I’m very good at organising shopping supplies for everyone, my father has started calling me “Food boss”.

5 What’s the worst idea you’ve had during lockdown?
Sometimes I think my decision to blog every day was a bit of an over commitment, but mostly I think The Waffle has added focus and structure to my day. My decision to cut out my sewing pattern pieces from two different sized remnants of material was a disaster. I can only make a garment with it with half of it inside out now.

That’s it for now. Same questions over to you. I’ll be back with some more tomorrow. Tonight’s menu is scallops with black pudding, button mushrooms and mashed potato.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

3 thoughts on “The Windsor Waffle Lockdown Special Q & A

  1. 1. My nut roast. Cooked by me as its only me. The nut roast was bought from a health shop so made up by following the instructions. It’s been some time since I last had one, so throughly enjoyed over a few days.

    2. The Lucky One.

    3. Blue tits and pigeons from my flat window, in the trees outside.

    4. How much I reallu need that house with a garden.

    5. Not had any worst ideas. But I have felt frustration.


    1. Very interesting. Thanks Liz. I think the last time I ate a nut roast was at Uni. A long time ago. I can’t remember if I’ve seen The Lucky One. It looks familiar but I may have just seen the trailer for it. Before lockdown I was going to the cinema every week for a long time so it’s hard to remember all the films we saw! I hope you have a window box or some nice houseplants at least in your flat while you wait for your garden? x

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