Happy VE Day!

Photo by Deeana Creates on Pexels.com

It’s something to celebrate, VE Day, 75 years since the end of the Second World War in Europe. We haven’t got any bunting up, but plenty of our neighbours have. They have been having pretend street parties all afternoon, sitting in deck chairs on their front lawns shouting across at their socially distant neighbours. All these restricted celebrations are frustrating. Birthdays, weddings, street parties. We are all going to really have to make up for it next year. 2020 the year of the virus. 2021 the year of the party? Who knows. We’ll have to see where we’re all at by then. What will we be doing on New Year’s eve? Bumping elbows?

I’ve had quite a good day. Hope you have too. Mine started off with a Zoom yoga class led by Sue. Thanks Sue 😀x. Then coffee and chilling in the garden. I often just sit and listen these days, and observe any changes in the plants from the day before. So relaxing. Why did I never do this before, in my old life? All the photos of the day coming up later are from my lovely garden, my sanctuary. I have been doing some “proper” writing this afternoon on this theme, as part of a competition entry for The Garden Museum. I’ve really been enjoying writing again as before I started The Waffle I hadn’t written anything for about 20 years, and now it’s every day. I usually write on my iPad mini now. How times change.

It’s another easy supper today in The Waffle household. We are having this with rice..

Have your tried any of these vacuum packed meals? There are a few flavours of them.. a chicken tikka curry, a lamb hot pot I recall. I particularly like this chilli con carne one. You just microwave it and it’s pretty tasty and doesn’t include any nasty chemical ingredients, not that expensive. We buy them from Waitrose/Ocado. They have a really long date on them, these ones expire May 2021. I’ve found them useful in the past as a post holiday meal you can just dig it out of the cupboard and prepare in a few minutes when you’re tired/jet lagged (remember that?). I think it was my Mum who put me on to them originally.

We’re having a big delivery of fresh food tomorrow morning from Ocado, our two week supply. Now I’ve got used to it I quite like doing a big two week shop and then not having to worry about shopping for a while. My planning’s been going well as we haven’t run out of anything nor have we had to throw lots of surplus food away. By the way, my “free” regrowing of my lettuce is doing really well now.. take a look at this.

How cool is that? Nearly enough for a sandwich. Or I could use the little leaves tomorrow in my burger bun for barbecue Saturday, I’ll see how the mood takes me. Such excitement!

So here it is, the place where I sit for my morning coffee, with the red kites soaring overhead and the blackbirds singing. Blue tits hopping about and a little blue butterfly flitting about from plant to plant. Today I saw two parakeets in the big ash tree. I also chased around a honey bee for a while, trying to get a good photo.

Have a nice bank holiday weekend everyone, as much as you can. May the food be delicious and the wine flowing freely…. xxx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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