Mr Jumping Spider

Hi everyone. This is the jumping spider from my office. I am not good with spiders and even this picture makes me go a bit wobbly. But I am trying to get over my arachnophobia by making friends in the office with little Sid here. He is about the size of an ant. Today he just sat on the wall and didn’t bother to jump around at all. Maybe he is depressed? Missing his friend who jumped into my coffee last week perhaps. He is my only colleague at the moment so I said good morning. He hung about for half the day and then disappeared. It worries me when spiders disappear. I always imagine they are in my hair or something. I still do not like this picture, but hopefully by keeping calm and putting it on my blog I am one step further towards curing my lifelong arachnophobia. Fingers crossed no nightmares about giant sized Sids tonight.

So how are you all doing? Getting excited about the potential easing of some lockdown measures next week? Getting anxious about it? Too blasé to care any more? I am a little bit excited, but also a little bit worried. It would be nice to see someone else and maybe go for a picnic. But I do not trust the British public not to go crazy with any new found freedoms. We’ll see.

I keep thinking today is Friday as I’ve now broken up for the weekend. Tomorrow is Friday. All the days merge into one anyway. Is it confusing you too? Tomorrow I start off with Zoom yoga class at 10.00 am, looking forward to that. Then I have some tidying up jobs and some different writing from the blog I want to have a go at. I think David and I will also start looking at my vertical veg garden project and what supplies may be needed. The spinach arrived today by the way, the plants are really tiny, I hope they survive. We have a lazy supper tonight of Charlie Bigham’s ricotta and spinach cannelloni. On Saturday lunchtime we are planning a barbecue for two and I’ve ordered some supplies of burgers and sausages from Ocado.. something different to do for a change and the weather forecast is good. The angostura bitters also arrived today ready for my first attempt at a rum punch cocktail either this Saturday or next. David’s benchmark is always the Hilton Barbados’s beach bar rum punch. His only complaint was that they couldn’t mix them up fast enough for him. Bajan time is laid back slow and the Hilton’s bar took this to extremes. You probably could have gone and had another holiday and come back before your drink was ready. Well it felt like that sometimes anyway.

I’m hoping you all like yellow, as the photos from today’s walk are all yellow themed. This may be too much information for you but my lovely new pyjamas are also yellow. Enjoy the pics. Back tomorrow. Not exactly like I can go anywhere is it? Xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

3 thoughts on “Mr Jumping Spider

  1. Eek! I have the shudders.

    I am not jumping for joy about the lockdown easing. I think there will be a lot of people abusing this and won’t be keeping to the social distancing required still.
    I have not witnessed it now. Let alone easing it. I think the police will have a lot of work on their hands starting next week.


      1. I’m surprised you haven’t seen police about. I have seen plenty, but I do wonder from the week I was frustrated because I was seeing groups too regular and no police when you want them, that it makes me wonder how many are getting away with it.


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