The only way is up

So this is my veg patch and the space below this is now full. But I am a woman with a plan… I plan to go up the wall (no, not round the bend), up the wall. The Coronavirus situation is literally driving me up the wall. I think this will be a great experiment as I love vertical gardens and when they create living walls on the side of buildings in big cities. We stayed at an amazing hotel in Singapore once like this. I already have rhubarb and potatoes that are thriving. My sweet peas are planted but no sign yet. I have seven sunflower 🌻 seedlings growing that I’m very excited about, a couple of slightly ropey looking tomato plants. I have spinach plants “arriving soon” and more tomato plants on order. I would like to get some more seeds to grow some more veggie stuff. So I’ve seen a picture in a book where you put some wooden batons across the wall, attach some wire mesh and then drill holes in your plant pots and attach them to the mesh with wire. I think we can achieve this without the house falling down or damaging the existing crops that are growing. David says he will help me with this project at the weekend as we both know if I tried the technical drilling stuff myself it would probably end in tears.

The ferns are starting to look amazing as they unfurl themselves.

I’m a bit later with the blog tonight as a friend called for a chat, which was nice. And then we ate our haggis dinner. It seems some of my older friends are not minding lockdown too much. I honestly feel sometimes I am fine but sometimes I hate it, and sometimes feel a bit depressed with it all. Today was a good day and the sun was shining. I did half a day’s work from home and actually was quite busy with proper work to do, which was good.

I’ll show you a couple more objects from my house and then the photos of the sunny day. We had a long walk today, loved it. 😊

This first object sits on my bookcase in my study.

I have had this since childhood. It must have been a gift from someone but I have no recollection who. I have always liked this little shiny horse-rider, and you can obviously nudge him into starting his movement backwards and forwards rocking on his horse. I’m not one for keeping masses of stuff from the past, but it’s quite grounding to have a few things that have always been with you, if you like them that is.

Talking of shiny things, look at this…

So happy with my new roasting tin that arrived today….I told you I liked kitchen equipment! It is by Pro Cook via Amazon. It was rather expensive but to me it was free as I bought it with gift vouchers from my boss for my birthday. I love the handles, I love the shinyness, I love the fact you can put it in the dishwasher. Oh, and I love the fact that it does actually fit in the oven as I hadn’t measured my old tin before I ordered this one.. and my husband would have looked smug if it hadn’t. I will roast dinners like a pro with my Pro Cook tin. It feels like really good quality, built to last and has a 25 year guarantee. I justified it to my husband (not that I had to) by saying there must be lots of rich ladies out there with all the top kitchen equipment who never actually use it, in their massive kitchens from magazines with islands in the middle. I am guaranteed to use this at least once a week. How much more in love with it could I be?

I leave you ladies and gentleman with the photos of the day which speak for themselves. (I’m not sure they tell a thousand words mind you…)

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2 thoughts on “The only way is up

  1. My sunflowers are ace! Like you, Gail, my sweet peas are doing nothing! And I soaked them before planting. I never have success with them 😡 xxx


    1. My sweet peas are very early days so could be OK.. I think you have to have faith in these little seeds and give them good vibes..(now working for my begonias when David had written them off) sending some over for your sweet peas! x

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