Belated Happy Easter!

Hi. I thought I’d share this Easter bunny with you. I received him yesterday from my Mum as a belated Easter gift. She received him along with many other Easter eggs from a friend in Germany, so she is spreading the love and the chocolate around. He is a very cosmopolitan bunny being from Germany but says “merci” on him. Why he has launched into French and says “merci” I have no idea. We did not show much mercy last night when we gobbled up two thirds of him, ears first. He has very thick, delicious chocolate. There was a time when I only really liked British chocolate like Cadbury’s dairy milk and thought that all “foreign” chocolate tasted a bit weird. But these days either I am a) less fussy or b) more sophisticated in my palate as I would happily gobble up Belgian, Swiss, German, Austrian, French, Dutch, well, pretty much any chocolate really. Somebody’s got to.

I seem to have got over my funny turn of yesterday with the sleepiness/lightheadedness and I have had a reasonably good day, under the circumstances. How about you? I think most of us are now having good days and bad days with this lockdown situation. I think that’s normal. The longer it goes on for the more we get used to it but also the more challenging it becomes at times. I guess we just take it day by day and see what tomorrow brings. Have we had the summer? This is the question. I reckon we probably have. That was it folks. But I hope not. In the office today not even the jumping spiders jumped around. I wonder if the one who so deliberately leapt to his death into my hot coffee on Friday to commit spidercide was the last of its kind? A rare species? Is the lockdown hard for spiders too? One would think not, but who knows? Have you asked one?

You can see I might have started to go a little bit potty. Started? I hear you say. Well, let’s get back to normal with a few photos. Firstly I have some to show you from a few days ago I don’t think you’ve seen yet…

This is our new hanging basket. It is a tumbling petunia I believe and it arrived from Jersey. We have another 6 of various sorts on order from the same company, goodness knows when they will arrive….

Here are some more daily walk pics of a few days ago..

There are a few lovely yellow roses around our estate at the moment.

Yesterday you may remember it was all about the leaves.. well we’ll leave that alone for now (ha ha!) as today it’s all about the trunk. Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag, or trunk? Whatever, here they are..enjoy! 😊

Right, that’s enough of those, you’re all going to think I’m bark-ing!

On The Waffle menu tonight is…. cod steaks in a homemade mushroom sauce, served with new potatoes and green beans. For pudding will be the rest of the “Merci” bunny. Only his little red ribbon and gold heart will remain….

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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