Sleepy Sunday

Hi. How are you all doing? I have been so sleepy this afternoon, and a bit light headed. Hopefully this is not the start of something. We delivered food shopping to my parents and David’s Mum today which involved quite a lot of sitting in the car for me and I think I got a bit travel sick. Anyway, fingers crossed after a nutritious dinner and a good sleep I’ll feel right as rain again.

The above picture was taken in Windsor Great Park 5 years ago. I liked the stone circle, I think it’s some sort of monument but I forget what for. In the middle in the distance is a tiny Windsor Castle. It’s like Play School, through the round window, if you remember that. Why am I harking back to TV shows of my childhood again? At this rate you’ll get Mr Benn tomorrow. Now I did like Mr Benn a lot.

The chicken and potatoes are roasting in the oven. The carrots and green beans will be going on soon. I do like a Sunday roast dinner in the evening and roast chicken may just be my favourite. That means tomorrow when I go to work I will be taking cold roast chicken and mayonnaise sandwiches with me. Yum. I always have a mid morning snack, something like a cereal bar or some Nairn’s oatcakes with fruit or chocolate in. And I always have a piece of fruit and sometimes a yoghurt for pudding. Tomorrow will probably be a clementine or what Ocado like to call easy peelers. I am the only one going into the office now which is good from a social distance point of view, but it can be a bit lonely. We have no milk supplies any more so I am taking in a little pot of my own from home. Sadly I did this on Friday, made my coffee first thing and then a little jumping spider did a high dive from the top of my pc monitor into my cup of hot coffee and that was that, I didn’t fancy drinking that any more. There have been little jumping spiders in my office for years. I do hope they’re not going to start taking over now that they are there much more often than I am. It could be like some horror film with spiders jumping all over me when I go in tomorrow. Wish me luck!

I don’t think I’ve got much more to say today, so I’ll leave you with the photos of the day which I took in Crowthorne this afternoon outside my mother-in-law’s. I got a bit leaf inspired… you can take it or leave it. Ha ha! 😂. Have a nice evening everybody. Stay safe.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

9 thoughts on “Sleepy Sunday

  1. I second that in agreement with regards to your photos.
    I hope you don’t get anymore jumping spiders. When spiders jump, it creeps me out more than when they just run.


  2. When Jim’s Mum had her hip op, he headed off to Waitrose with her shopping list. Rang me to ask whether “Easy Peelers” were new or old potatoes . . . . .


    1. Ha ha. It’s a stupid name that could mean anything that you peel. Who are the supermarkets to change the names of things without our consent? It still annoys me that spring onions have become salad onions. I guess because they’re now available all year round, but they’ll always be spring onions to me.. and you could put any onion in a salad couldn’t you? (not that I would, raw onions = yuck).

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    2. “Seeded grapes” is another one.. does that mean with seeds or have they been seeded so are without?! I guess unless it says seedless you probably wouldn’t want to buy them anyway.. who wants grapes with pips in?

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