The Great Lettuce Experiment

Wow! It works. If you read my post of 5 days ago “Waste not, want not” you would remember I was trying to regrow some lettuce leaves as recommended by Green Redeem. Well, I was sceptical whether this was worth it but I started it anyway by putting the bottom of my old lettuce into a glass of water and voila. You can see I now have some teensy-weensy new lettuce leaves beginning to grow, like magic. I like this because it’s free, it feels ethical and I like watching things grow. I do realise the most I’m likely to get is a few new leaves for a sandwich in a couple of weeks’ time, and I’m not even that keen on lettuce, but I’m still quite excited! Sad, but true.

I was quite interested to read about these books recommended in The Guardian “Five books to make you a better gardener, cook and recycler.” In particular I was interested in Retrosuburbia by David Holmgren which is “a practical manual on the things you can change in your immediate environment that will impact your lifestyle, your community and your general wellbeing”. Sounds great. If you follow this link the whole content has been made available online at the moment with you choosing to pay only what you can afford/feel is fair. It’s about permaculture which as far as I can see is like becoming Tom and Barbara from The Good Life (showing my age here!). Now I might have a little bit of Barbara in me, but there’s no way David is Tom. He is good at making things and sometimes modifying household items for a completely different purpose, but struggles with the concept of putting anything at all into the recycling bin. In his opinion it is doing the Council’s job for them and he reckons it all ends up in the same place anyway. I have been known to follow behind him re-sorting various different items of rubbish from various different bins mumbling about personal responsibility in society. I kind of see his point but I also find it hard to see a beer bottle in the normal kitchen waste bin without fishing it out… even if it’s covered in all sorts of other rubbish.

Enough of our domestic bliss! I’ll move along now to continue with the kitchen gadgets from yesterday, that’ll calm me down…

First up it’s the super shiny little coffee pot by Bodum. This is much smaller than it appears here. It is really cute and you can get a couple of cups of coffee out of it. It’s a beautiful little thermos pot just right for one with a top up. It was another self gift with my vouchers at Selfridges.

I think you can’t beat a heavy bottomed, deep sided frying pan with a glass lid. I have used this one so much. I bought it from TK Maxx but it’s made by Brabantia and I chose it partly for its vibrant red colour. So many memories of yummy meals stirred up in this.

I think every house needs a selection of graters in different sizes for different tasks as below..(What has become of me in lockdown I am now sharing pictures of my graters with complete strangers?)

Similarly you really need Pyrex jugs in different capacities. The little plastic one I use for cocktail making.

And last but not least, one of the most useful things apart from kitchen scissors is…. tongs, I love tongs. So fun. Don’t you just love the name too? …tongs?..?

Right, before I go and cook the dinner and fiddle about with my tongs, I’ll leave you with the photos of the day.. not many today as a) I went to work instead of wandering around our estate for an hour and b) it was raining. Au Revoir my waffle friends x

!!!! This above is new on our estate made me look twice!

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