Happy Hour at The Waffle Bar

While the local graffiti artists are busy spreading the government’s message of “Stay inside, Coronavirus”, I would like to declare The Waffle bar open… and it’s Happy Hour, come on in.

For this week’s Lockdown Cocktail Saturday I can now offer a range of drinks. We have Margaritas, Mojitos, Kir Royales, Gin and Tonic and also Gin and Tonic ice lollies from the freezer. What can I get you? This is a virtual bar, all are welcome and everything is on the house. Is that Happy Hour or what? The bar maid (moi) is happy and smiling, the sun is shining and she hasn’t even had a drink yet. We have twiglets and crisps for you to snack on, a talented live guitarist and singer (my husband), no Coronavirus in this house as far as we know, who could want for more?

In my mind The Waffle is much bigger than this blog. We have The Waffle Cocktail Bar as above, with its ever increasing menu. As I sat in the garden eating the banana loaf the other day and it was so good I imagined serving this at a garden centre café. In reality I served it to myself on a nice white plate with a fork to eat it with, and thought it was missing a dollop of crèche fraiche, so served it with some plain yoghurt instead.

My mind then wandered on … as it does… why a garden centre café, why not The Waffle Café? I have had the vision of this café in my mind for many years now. It is only since the banana loaf I have started to think of it as The Waffle Café. Strangely I do not imagine The Waffle Café in Windsor. The Waffle Café is at the end of a very bleak and deserted beach walk where you really have to battle the elements to get there. It is a little oasis of calm and good cooking where you feel like you really deserve the treats as your fingers start to warm up and your nose runs. It is a down to earth sort of place. There are never many customers as it is too inhospitable to get there. Those who achieve the walk (and it is only accessible on foot) are hardy souls. In the café there are old books and maps, homemade cakes including the famous Waffle banana loaf. There is probably just “tea”, “coffee” or “hot chocolate” rather than 27 different types of everything. The cakes are freshly baked, not a great variety but they are all so good, so who cares. The prices are really reasonable and the owner cares about much more than just profit. The café is usually only open a couple of days of the week. Outside of these times you are not disappointed as there is a special self service larder outside you can access. This includes The Waffle thermos flasks of hot drinks and slabs of fresh cake prepared for you with love. There is an honesty box for you to put your money in. If you get there in the morning you may even find a freshly cooked bacon roll awaiting you, how nice is that?

So, my friends, you can see what I’m up to in lockdown.. a whole lot of daydreaming.. mainly whilst sitting in the garden with the birds joining me with their tweeting. Out of the dream now I will tell you the real news from The Waffle garden rather than just the dreaming…it’s almost as good.

Firstly, two of the sunflower seeds may be starting to sprout. I have seen a couple of green shoots that I think look promising. I hope they will grow into enormous giants with top heaving bright golden flowers. Secondly, the potato plants are coming along nicely now.

Thirdly, I was very excited to come across some lily of the valley at the back of the border this morning I had forgotten was there. It smells lovely. I believe it was my Grandma’s favourite plant so possibly my mother gave it to me, I don’t remember. I love the delicacy and purity of the little white bells.

Here are a few more pics from the garden today for you to enjoy. There were some camera-shy butterflies today too; the really small, flitty blue ones again but also a couple of slightly bigger white ones that did nothing other than chase each other around playfully. On closer inspection they may have actually been very, very pale blue rather than white.

Any more orders at The Waffle bar before I go? Another round of Margaritas? Sure, coming up. Cheers everybody!

Published by thewindsorwaffle

I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

3 thoughts on “Happy Hour at The Waffle Bar

  1. A black tea for me and a slice of banana cake if any left.
    Photos look love and I am feeling relaxed. Hope you are too.


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