G & T ice lollies, clothes hoarding + Starlink satellites

Good evening everyone or good morning or whatever time it is wherever you are.

My staycation is nearly over. I’m just getting into it. The weather has been so fantastic. I just have Monday to go, then back at work. 🙁 I have enough home projects to last me at least another 2 weeks and an increasingly busy Zoom social schedule, what a shame. But I am grateful I still have a job, so there is that.

I made these Gin and Tonic ice lollies this morning. Popped them in the freezer and enjoyed one after our afternoon walk, oh how decadent I have become. It was very tasty and there was a definite alcohol hit.

The blog is a little later than usual tonight, while the homemade toad in the hole cooks in the oven, due to my overwhelming amount of summer clothes. I decided to modify my current “capsule” of 57 items including coats and shoes to include a few more summer bits. OMG my name is Gail and I am a clothes hoarder. I got the summer stuff out of storage and was shocked how much there was. My first attempt at “Spring/Summer 2020 collection” ended up at 114 items.. way off my target of 40-50! After much trying on, huffing and puffing and emotional exhaustion I have whittled it down to 95.. still a work in progress and now a massive pile of ironing to do of the creased summer stuff. It’ll probably now turn colder again.

I think I’ll talk about food for a bit to get over the shock of it all.. (although judging by the fit of a couple of last year’s summer dresses, perhaps a little less thinking about food is in order). This was last night’s dinner, “Chicken parmigiana” from the Good Housekeeping Express cook book, and very nice it was too. The chicken pieces were massive! They are covered in Parmesan breadcrumbs and have melted mozzarella cheese on the top.

David has just gone to get the binoculars ready. The last few nights we have been out in the garden trying to view the Starlink satellites. So far David has managed to see them twice and I have only managed to view something that was probably a different, older satellite going in the opposite direction. Better luck tonight hopefully. These are Elon Musk’s satellites being launched from Florida to give everybody in the world internet access. They are launched 60 at a time and there have now been 7 launches. They appear as a long string of lights. The time to try again tonight in the UK is just before 9 pm. You might see them if you’re very lucky with the naked eye, but more likely you will need binoculars especially as it is still twilight at that time. David the ever keen astronomer says he can see evidence of less pollution in viewing the skies during lockdown so that’s a plus, but the super bright streetlight on the path behind our house is still annoying. We have a special all black conference screen we sometimes put up to try to block this out. So happy satellite and star spotting everyone.

I’m off for grub and vino now. Hope you’re all well and happy. As usual here are your pics of the day xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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