Busy doing nothing

Hi there. I’m squeezing in an early blog session today before early dinner (Charlie Bigham’s cottage pie) and then Zoom book club. The picture above is my roasted rhubarb served with Wall’s Viennetta of the other night. It was really tasty and I do recommend roasting rhubarb, this worked a treat. Just cut the rhubarb into pieces and put it in a dish or a baking tray with sides, sprinkle it with sugar (quite a lot), cover with foil and bake for 15 minutes at about 180 degrees C. Take the foil off and in my words “shuggle” it about a bit, you know what I mean, so all the sugary syrup goes all over the rhubarb, and bake for another 5 minutes with the foil off. It was really sweet and soft and went very well with the Viennetta. I had some cold for lunch today with plain yoghurt.

“Busy doing nothing” seems to have summed up my day today. I have started a few home tasks of my own but not completed any of them. I helped David with his emergency DIY haircut this morning which was quite hair raising (ha ha!). There is a danger of evening up one side and then the other until there is no hair left. We didn’t get too many funny looks while out on our walk, so maybe it is OK. My locks are growing longer by the minute but I am investing in a few hair accessories rather than a DIY haircut for me. So far I have a banana clip from eBay, I really like this one and have worn it a lot. It has a sort of animal print pattern on it. The other one is a wide black suede/elastic hairband which I think is fine for yoga and exercise in the house but I’m not sure I’ll be wearing it outside the house any time soon.

My day started nicely when my sister-in-law Julie sent me some pictures of her crochet. I love the colours, really cheerful. She’s planning on making it into a little rug.

I don’t think I’ve ever tried crochet. Looks quite fun. Meanwhile, I made some progress on my Mosaicraft yesterday. I know it looks a bit weird at this stage, but the design will be really pretty when it’s finished, I promise!

How are the rest of you doing with your home craft projects? Completed any masterpieces yet? Had any disasters? (Like me with my top cut half inside out, that’s on hold for now).

I meant to bake some banana bread today but didn’t get around to it, it’s been one of those sorts of days. I’ll try again tomorrow.

We did achieve quite a long walk. We find we have to walk further each day just to see something different beyond the local housing estate, otherwise it’s so boring. I have now recovered from my tulip fetish and moved on to big daisies. These are so beautiful, aren’t they?

Hope you’re all keeping well. Don’t forget to wave at the friendly teddies in the windows. I saw a great white one today hanging off some white curtains! Back tomorrow x

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

8 thoughts on “Busy doing nothing

  1. I love rhubarb and not had any for a long time. You can’t beat rhubarb home grown. So straight from the garden.
    I have made a note if cooking rhubarb in the oven. So thank you for that. Just one question though, is your oven a fan or conventional oven? Just so I know, as mine is a fan oven. I will know then if I may need to adust time, or temperature accordingly.

    I love the colours in the crochet. Definitely cheerful colours.

    The daisies are lovely too.


  2. Hi, mine is a fan oven too, so you should be ok. But as all ovens vary I’d say keep an eye on it after 5-10 mins and turn it down a bit if necessary, you want it roasting but not burning.

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    1. I am just seeing by going back directly to your posts, of your replies back where I have commented. I have not been receiving notifications on my bell icon to show you replied, like I do with other blogs. So hence me being quiet not replying or just liking back to show I have seen it.
      So there may be past posts where I have commented and you have replied, that I may nlt be aware of now. Just so you know of why I was quiet. X


      1. I see why I did not know you commented back. It was because you didn’t reply back directly to my comment.


      2. Yes. I see you have commented now directly to me as it has come up on my notification.
        Yes. Anytime you are after replying directly to a commenter on your blog, just click on reply underneath their comment from your blog, or you can reply via the bell icon when seeing a comment that way after aporoving their comment. That way, tje person you want to reply back to will know you have replied.


      3. That’s no problem. You know I never thought when I left comments that things were quiet. It was only because I decided to go back to one to see if there were anymore comments to that post that I seen. X

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