A trip down memory lane

Hello. Aren’t these lupins lovely? They are from my grandparents’ garden around 1960.

I am using the staycation to catch up with tasks at home. My Auntie Jean (my Mum’s younger sister) died a couple of years ago. She lived in her parents’ house her whole life, except for a couple of years of teacher training College. We sold the house when she moved into care and we had such a huge amount of accumulated family possessions to sort through. The last remaining box contains my aunt’s slides which I have been scanning onto my pc using a Veho scanning machine.

The garden was large compared to the size of the house and my grandfather was a very talented gardener. He was talented at lots of things, gardening was just one of his passions. I remember as a little girl running up and down and playing in the garden with my sister next to the glorious beds full of blooms and exploring the greenhouse. I wonder if this is where I get my love of my garden from. I did love running and playing in the space. Here are some more old pictures I discovered today. Lovely memories.

You can see my grandfather in this shot. We always called him Poppa.

These are the gorgeous sweet peas. There was often a big vase of these in the house and they smelt divine. You can see what standards my grandfather kept with his borders.

This is the view from the bathroom window. When I look at this photo I can remember the stairs and the way the bathroom doorknob felt in my hand, and how the bathroom was laid out. Not a bad view from the loo!

This is the greenhouse. I can feel the stuffiness and remember the earthy hot smell of the plants in here. I remember cucumbers growing and the seedlings being documented in big books, year on year.

This shows the glorious flower beds, so immaculately tended.

When we ran right down to the end of the garden there were some fir trees with pine cones I think.

This is the rockery. I don’t think they’re quite so fashionable any more.

These are both my grandparents doing something with a tree.

And last, but not least, this is my grandfather’s Austin 1100, the slide dated 1964. Now I’m not sure my car cleaning of yesterday would reach these heights, so gleaming.

That’s it for today. What lovely pictures. I’m so glad I kept the boxes to go through. I haven’t mentioned any food today. Perhaps another time I will share with you all the meals I remember being served up from my grandparents’ tiny kitchen.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

4 thoughts on “A trip down memory lane

  1. Beautiful photos. I am in awe of the garden. How lovely. And the sweet peas. I love the smell. When one time I had a garden, I made sure I had some sweet peas. I loved bringing them inside, to put on my kitchen windowsil.


  2. I grew some sweet peas once or twice. They weren’t nearly as impressive as my grandfather’s but I might try again. As you say, the smell is gorgeous. There is something lovely about home grown flowers being brought indoors. My husband wooed me with little parcels of roses he had grown himself, so romantic, so true. How could I resist?!

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  3. Beautiful. I love old photos – especially now when we have time to look at them. I think I need to go through mine!!


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