Minty Mojitos

Good evening everyone. Here are our Mojitos for Saturday night, and very nice they are too. Cheers!

We had quite a nice meal last night after the scuppered Nepalese takeaway. Tonight we are having Indian takeaway from the Binoy who are always reliable. Here are our atmospheric candles from last night.

The fridges are fit to burst with food and drink since our Ocado order this morning. We are sharing our delivery slots with my parents so we won’t have a delivery now for 2 weeks and they will use our slot next weekend. It’s fine, just takes a bit of planning when you are used to shopping once a week.

Feeling crafty? I have started doing some mosaicraft I found in my cupboard. This is sometimes called pixel craft/art. I bought this at a craft fair a few years ago, when I obviously thought I had more free time than I actually had.

It’s quite relaxing. You use tweezers to put the little rubber/plastic coloured pegs onto the board to build up the picture using the template. It is time consuming but easy, and if you make a mistake it’s very easy to rectify. We have a couple of pretty coasters in our bedroom I made using this method several years ago. If you want to get yourself a kit you can buy one on eBay or from the Mosaicraft website.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to write this blog post for today, and forgive me if I seem a little distracted, but my husband is sitting opposite watching my every move slurping his Mojito.. and waiting for me to finish blogging so we can get the curry out of the oven.

So I guess I’d better not keep him waiting any longer. Here are a few pictures from today’s walk. Back tomorrow (hopefully without a live audience!).

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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