Leo the lion

Hello, this is Leo the lion. He has decided to join in with the teddy bears on the window sills to cheer up children (and adults) on their walks. He started doing this a couple of days ago, after several years of complete idleness.

He is joined in his efforts by a small bunny who has no name other than Bunny. Bunny likes to sit on Leo’s lap. They’ve currently come to join me in the lounge for some relaxation after a hard day’s work on the window sill. Here they are, cute aren’t they?!

What a splendid idea the teddy bears on window sills are. Teddy bears have been popping up everywhere and some have even been spotted behind the wheel of cars. If you follow this link and scroll down the page you can see a rather large teddy behind the wheel snuggled up to his panda friend, made me smile anyway.

So how has your day been? I’m feeling a bit tired tonight as I went to the real office today and I don’t think I’m used to it any more. I managed to isolate in my room quite well there with only two other people in the building. One of them gave me a couple of nice tomato plants (at a distance) so thanks for that. I’m into the garden thing at the moment as you know.

There is not much else to report from The Waffle household, so I will leave you with a few more nice nature pics from the last few days’ walks. And then I’m off to cook Prawn Green Curry Noodles from my favourite the Good Housekeeping Express cookbook. 😋 Yum! x

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

2 thoughts on “Leo the lion

  1. Lovely photos there.
    My day has been good. Relaxing until doing my cleaning shift. Home now and just had something to eat while I continue with my dvd, My Fair Lady.
    I am feeling a little tired.


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