Another round of margaritas on Easter Saturday

Cheers! It’s cocktail Saturday again. I was looking forward to mojitos tonight but Ocado didn’t deliver the mint. Luckily they did deliver some limes which I ordered for a prawn noodle recipe so we can have another round of margaritas instead.

I’ve done a stock take of the food in our freezer tonight and the good news is we’ve still got plenty of lovely Cook meals. We tend to have one of these on alternate Saturdays and on the other Saturdays we have a take away to try to keep our local restaurants in business. For those of you in the Windsor area I am constantly updating the Local Stuff page to show where is still open for takeaways and my opinion of the same. Tonight we have selected a Cook Prawn Karahi as below, never had this before, I hope it’s good!

We’re going to have this with basmati rice. Unfortunately no Bombay aloo or poppadoms said David so I have promised him a nice pudding instead. We have a Waitrose Belgian chocolate tart in the fridge we can have with Cornish vanilla ice cream. Yum!

So I hope you’ve all got something good in for dinner tonight too and you’ve been managing to find enough to do and not climbing the walls with boredom. Another lovely hot sunny day today. We went for a longish walk this afternoon up the hill and looked at some posh houses. I saw a couple I liked (in my dreams) but David said he didn’t like the look of their gardens as they are on a really steep slope. So we came back down the hill and sat in our lovely (flat) garden for tea and some of my Mum’s birthday cake and appreciated our little oasis. (My Mum made us cut off a chunk of her cake for us before we delivered it to her today. I managed not to cut through the “Happy Birthday” icing!).

I think I glimpsed the Comma butterfly again and the goldfinch sitting on the fence. We watched the red kites soaring really really high up today. They seem to have a nice calm temperament unlike the crows who make a racket and sometimes start dive bombing the red kites for no apparent reason other than to annoy them. This reminds me of my sister back in our younger days who used to constantly flick my pony tail up in the air when I wore my hair like this. It was really, really annoying as you can imagine. I recall she did this to me once too many times on a tour around Ham House with my Mum and I lost it, which of course is what she was hoping to achieve. My Mum gave us a good talking to that her grown up daughters were so childlike and embarrassing to her.

Back to the red kites. Although they don’t get on with the crows, they do seem to be on very good terms with the local seagull population. When they soar up high in a big group they are often interspersed with the seagulls all having a big soaring party together. It looks really fun. It must be so great to have wings. Sometimes we think it is a really big bunch of kites, but then you look closely and realise some are smaller and are seagulls. And sometimes it is the other way around and they are mainly seagulls with the occasional majestic red kite joining in with them.

I’d better go as it’s nearly 7.00 pm and that’s when the bar opens in The Waffle household. My husband tends to arrive promptly with a smirky look on his face looking for the bar maid/ cocktail maestro (moi). Cheers everybody! X

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