The First Windsor Waffle Quiz answers revealed + other Waffle of the day

Hi, Congrats to Pat again for winning the first ever Windsor Waffle Quiz competition. I wonder if she has gobbled up all her chocolate yet. Here are the correct answers:

1 Name the 2 species of butterfly Gail saw in her garden on her first day working from home.
Peacock and Comma. 

2 What are 3 things Gail likes to photograph?

Churches, trees, flowers (etc etc etc).

3 What is Gail’s husband’s favourite genre of film?

Science fiction.

4 What type of musical instrument does Gail play? 


5 Name something that Gail baked recently.

Lots of answers possible here eg. rhubarb crumble, spiced raisin squares, cheddar and caramelised onion quiche.

6 What food is currently growing in TWW veg patch? 

Rhubarb (since writing the quiz there are now also potatoes and soon there will be spinach and tomatoes).

7 Name one of the churches in Windsor Gail has photographed.

Lots of answers to choose from: All Saints Church, The Methodist Church, Holy Trinity, St Edward’s. 

8 Whose online exercise class is Gail doing at the moment?

Joe Wicks (since writing the quiz I also did Mark Stenning’s yoga class this week).

9 What was the first cocktail made in TWW household during lockdown?


10 Which online supermarket does Gail get deliveries from?


11 Which local author does Gail recommend?

David Palin.

12 Which healthy food does Gail not like very much but enjoyed when ground up in her spiced raisin squares?


13 What item of clothing is Gail making at the moment?

A sleeveless top.

14 Name a book that Gail was given for Christmas. 

Any one of these: The half torn page by David Palin, The Eye of the reindeer by Eva Weaver, An American marriage by Tayari Jones.

15 Name one item of food Gail bought to step out of her comfort zone.
Any one of the following: walnuts, passion fruit, organic maca powder.

Right, that’s it, you know all about me and my blog now.

Have you managed to find something to wear today suitable for this hot weather? Like a summer’s day. I have dug out a pair of linen trousers. My husband finds this amusing as I had no summer clothes in my super organised capsule wardrobe whereas his shorts were readily available. He says my system has fallen down. It hasn’t, I just had to open one of my perfectly labelled summer storage bags and dig something out, job done. My next capsule is not due to start til 1 June for summer clothes but I could bring this forward to 1 May if it continues to be hot, hot, hot. I’m absolutely loving this capsule wardrobe thing, so easy, although it is still a work in progress.. 57 items in the current capsule (I like to refer to it as my Spring Collection!) when ideally it should be around 37. I started off at over 300 items of clothing last year so all in all I am doing pretty well and I love it. So much more space in the wardrobe and I actually have more to wear not less as most things go with the other things now.

It’s Friday film night and I have no idea what we’re going to watch tonight.. I need to go and do some research on the same. For dinner there is a plan. We are having an easy dinner (but one of our favourites) which is just pasta, chicken pieces and pesto sauce, with grated Parmesan on the top. And probably some nice white wine for me as above and David will probably have beer to remind him of the good old days when we used to go down the pub.

Keep well everybody, I do hope you’ve got enough Easter eggs in. I will be very disappointed if Ocado doesn’t bring our enormous eggs tomorrow.. fingers crossed they will be there! Waffle over and out xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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