Saturday cocktail night + the first ever Windsor Waffle competition quiz (pre-warning!)

Cheers my dears, bottoms up, chin chin! Tonight is Saturday cocktail night yippee!!! We are now on our second Kir Royale as the first was so good. Feels like Christmas. The posh crisps tonight are Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Kettle chips. They are quite nice, but we both agree we prefer the Mature cheddar and onion Kettle chips from last week so we have gone back to those.

Just told husband not to have quite so many helpings of crisps as we have a large take away arriving in 10 mins.. in theory. This is from our local Italian restaurant Punto’s. We have never had a takeaway from them before. We are looking forward to garlic mushrooms and meatballs to share as starters followed by chicken pollo (“breast of chicken stuffed with mushrooms and ham, rolled in breadcrumbs served with a garlic butter white wine sauce” with vegetables and sauté potatoes – yum!) x 2 + naughty husband also ordered a side of cheesy garlic bread.

Before I get on to the exciting news of the first ever Windsor Waffle competition, just following on from last night’s post Friday film night. We did watch the film Trading Places and we both enjoyed that very much. Eddie Murphy was so energetic and charismatic and did make me laugh. The film is also more than a comedy, with some serious themes underneath.

I am now, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, extremely excited to announce… drum roll please… the first ever Windsor Waffle Competition Quiz.

This is your pre-warning that the quiz questions will go live at approx 7.00 pm tomorrow evening, Sunday 5 April 2020. This is statistically the busiest time of week for traffic on TWW blog. I apologise if this is an anti-social time for those of you not resident in the UK.

There will be 15 questions. All the answers are to be found within my blog posts of the past 6 weeks. Have you been paying attention? Or have you simply been browsing the pretty photos like my husband, we shall see…

The prize is waiting for you and is not one, not two, but THREE big bars of lovely chocolate delivered to your door anywhere in the world as shown below.

The winner will be the first blog reader to answer all 15 questions correctly having submitted their name and address and answers to me at TWW by e-mail. E-mail link for entries along with 15 quiz questions will be provided tomorrow at approx 7 pm. So if you can imagine yourself munching on this chocolate as an early Easter present to yourself, get swotting up on the blog content and GOOD LUCK!!

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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