Friday Film Night

Hello everyone and well done for getting through another difficult working week, if you still have a job that is.

It’s a very funny Friday feeling. You get that excited it’s the weekend vibe and then you remember.. you cannot see anyone or go anywhere and you’re just going to stay at home like some kind of boring ill person/Billy no mates even if you’re not ill, and that really sucks. Although not nearly as much as getting the virus and going to hospital and maybe dying would do so we’ll all just have to get on with it, won’t we?

I’ve been trying to establish Friday film night during lockdown as I really love watching films and I am so missing my weekly trip to the pictures with my friend Pat. I cannot tell you how many films we have seen together on a Wednesday night over the past 10 years+….comedy, thriller, animated, high brow, you name it we’ve seen it. Except horror, we don’t do horror. So I’m trying to make Friday the new Wednesday in The Waffle household. But I have to devise a subtle plan to achieve this as husband is not such a keen film buff as myself…

Step 1: Start off with a Sci fi film, his favourite genre. We tried watching Blade Runner 2049 but I switched off quite quickly and husband wasn’t keen either and it was very confusing to follow, so we gave up.

Step 2: move on to his next love.. music and guitar playing. We watched Bohemian Rhapsody (which I had already watched with Pat, of course) which I knew we would both enjoy. And we did. It is a masterpiece of a film and the brilliant music of Queen definitely stands the test of time.

Step 3: now we might have established a Friday film night pattern I branch out to look for something I’d like to watch on Sky movies tonight. I think I’d like to watch Trading Places as I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it and it’s supposed to be a classic comedy and I do like Eddie Murphy. I’m also up for a laugh at the moment. Will husband be up for this choice?… or will we veer back towards The War of the Worlds latest series which I think is very good but watching a whole lot of scared people having a disaster is not really my thing right now.

I’ll let you know if my cunning plan works tomorrow. I’m off to cook his curry and get his cold beer out of the fridge now in preparation for this suggestion (yes, I know I am an unbelievably good wife!) and we’ll see how I get on.

Happy chillin’ at home for the weekend to you all …. hope you are all getting on well with your nearest and maybe not quite so dearest… ! Feel free to tell me what’s working (or not) in your lockdown households, I’m all ears.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

2 thoughts on “Friday Film Night

  1. Well you’re far more sophisticated than I am, Friday Film Night distinctly more adult than my social scene after another challenging week. My mission is to create a Lego model in anticipation of my video chat with my 2 girlfriends over the weekend. We set a daft/fun/mad thing to do ready for our ‘show & tell’ during our catch up. More pre school behaviour than one might expect of 3 x 50+ women….. however it makes us laugh at a time when we need all the light hearted relief we can get. So, Lego box is out of the loft – thank goodness we kept some when the girls grew out of it though I personally don’t think we ever really grow out of Lego, do we? Or is that just me regressing in defiance of age? No alcohol will be consumed during this construction for Health & Safety reasons & to reduce the risk of smut & silly postures from those saucy little Lego chaps!
    This will help me focused, quiet & still after a day of working from home, a long walk in the Spring sunshine & over zealous gardening that’s left me aching! Hopefully I’ll be up to my building project…….


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