Gail’s library (finale) and other Waffle of the Day

Hello, I hope you’ve all had a good day and are keeping well? I’ve started reporting my symptoms, well or not, through the King’s College COVID-19 app on a daily basis and I would encourage you to do the same. It is quite nice reporting how you are, either “phew, I’m still fine”, or “yikes I think this may be it”. You can check out the app here and your response will help with research of the virus and to identify those at risk sooner.

I hope like me you have been able to enjoy a bit of Coronavirus humour and share this online with your friends. I loved the deadpan lady talking about improvising masks for all the family with her thong knickers on her head and the talking dog so very fed up with the whole cooped up situation, he speaks for us all.

So these are the other books I wanted to share with you….

This was my last book club book by Margaret Atwood. I wouldn’t recommend it at all. It was very strange and I couldn’t get past page 65.

These are two of my lovely piano music books I am using at the moment. Last year I started playing the piano again after a gap of about 30 years. I like these two books in particular that were both gifts.. one from my sister and one from my sister-in-law. They both have easyish tunes to play that are very recognisable. Today I played Moon River, Born Free, Let it Be, a Brahm’s lullaby and Beethoven’s Fur Elise. Again escaping into another realm, I’m such a dreamer!

I do think it’s important to keep learning, whatever age you are. There is a joy in discovering something new and we shouldn’t be afraid of being terrible at something at first. For me I am trying to study a bit about blogging and food writing at the moment and I’m finding this book below quite useful and getting lots of good tips to hopefully improve my blogging.

I’m quite excited by the Open University free online courses, yes free! My friend kindly sent me the link as she spotted there is a course on blogging. I haven’t started it yet. Maybe you can tell?! For the free blogging course and loads of other free courses from the OU you can click here.

I always love to look at art and learn more about that. I think these latest paintings done by David Hockney in his isolation in Normandy of the local blossom trees and daffodils etc are simply wonderful. One good thing about this lockdown experience is to spend more time looking at what’s right under our noses and appreciating it. I am loving my local flowers and blossom trees just as David Hockney is. I’m noticing my garden and the wildlife a lot more, listening to the birds and noticing the blue tits in their busyness going in and out of our bird box to feed their babies.

I’m also dusting off books from my shelves that I’ve always liked the look of but never got around to using. Yesterday I picked up this recipe book that I’ve had for ages.

So this morning I made the spiced raisin squares from this book and they are so yummy. They must be good for us as they have lots of raisins in, and also instead of chopped walnuts I ground them up as we are not really nut fans, and they tasted really good. So I have found a way of eating a super healthy food that I previously didn’t like. And I have had more cake. It’s a win win. I am seriously thinking now I may do “Baking Thursdays” to run alongside “Cocktail Saturdays”… can’t wait 😋.

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