Lockdown wardrobe

Yes I know I was going to finish talking about my books but I’ve changed my mind, I’ll do that another time. I think I want to talk about something else today, firstly what are you wearing…? (Sorry, that sounds like some kinky phone sex type of question, I didn’t mean that).

When I went out for my daily walk the other day I realised I was still wearing the same pair of jogging bottoms I had been wearing for about a week, off and on. They are very old, from Primark, a bit bobbly and rather too baggy around the bottom of the legs, which quite frankly made them far too draughty in the wind. I have never considered wearing these outside the house before, not even when they were new. I think when you don’t go outside the home much anymore you end up not really caring.

As I sat down for a slightly posher meal than usual last Saturday night at home with my husband I wondered whether I should dress for dinner, like I did when we used to go out. For a moment I considered going upstairs to put on a little black dress and high heels but I think my husband would have just considered me even more bizarre than he probably already does, so I stayed in the above super attractive jogging bottoms or similar attire. I may have even completed the look with an old food-stained pinny as I served the dinner. Nice. It made me think how much do we wear clothes just to show off to other people, complete strangers, a sort of act if they are not the sort of clothes we would ever wear inside the house on our own.

On the days that I work from home I do make some attempt to get into smart casual wear. I somehow still feel the need to wear my old pink slippers on the bottom though, to really set off the look. If I’m not careful I will start wearing these to the real office too. And the make up is getting a bit hit or miss.

My point is the sort of clothes I have been wearing are my “low self worth” clothes inside the house or not, so I need to sort this out to keep up my spirits. This morning I took the plunge and I ordered myself some nice new jogging bottoms.. yes I know, hardly a huge step up, but I went for smart bright red ones to be cheery and energetic when I do my Joe Wicks daily PE lesson. I also ordered myself a new chunky pale blue cardigan from M & S. It’ll go really nicely with lots of things but especially with a floral shirt dress I bought over a month ago and haven’t worn yet. I know this isn’t essential shopping and the delivery driver should be driving food or medicine or something more important, but it will improve my morale whilst I am helping a few elderly/vulnerable relatives and neighbours during this time. I could even turn up for their doorstep drops in my new dress and cardy ensemble which will a) either cheer them up that I have made such an effort, or b) they’ll think what’s she gone and got so tarted up for, doesn’t she realise there is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY!

I have also started making a summer top today, I got out the material and started cutting out the pattern anyway. My Mum gave me the material a while back when she was decluttering. Here it is:

You probably think this look’s like your Granny’s awful old curtains and I am afraid to tell you this is NOT an April Fool. I really am making a top out of this material but it will be sleeveless so a lot of what you see will be my arms so the flower power won’t be overpowering.. fingers crossed! My last homemade top took me 5 years to complete so who knows, this could even be in fashion by the time I finish it!

This is a long post but I leave you with the thought that you are allowed to break your own rules sometimes. I had an enormous portion of cold rhubarb crumble with a 1 day out of date yoghurt on top for breakfast this morning. Delicious! Why not?

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