Just had our margaritas and they were absolutely delicious. Well worth the wait thinking about them all week. Husband liked his so much he’s gone back to the kitchen to make himself a second helping. Beef Wellington is in the oven with the dauphinoise potatoes, broccoli ready to put on in a minute. I feel happier and more relaxed than I have all week. There is a serious amount of fresh lime juice in these margaritas, it must be practically a health drink.

I hope you’re all getting on OK in this lockdown period. The news is seriously scary.

How are your hands? I noticed earlier that the back of one of my hands was itchy and as I subconsciously scratched it my skin was all dry and beginning to get flaky. Not good. So I have googled how to keep your skin healthy with our new frequent hand washing regime and these are the conclusions of my research:

1 When washing your hands make sure to put the water on before the soap. Soap directly onto the skin can be irritating.

2 Dry your hands by patting dry rather then rubbing on the towel.

3 Get a good quality hand cream and apply often especially after washing your hands. I have ordered a push down dispenser of Aveeno and E45 to keep next to each of our sinks to use each time. I’ll let you know which one we prefer.

4 Try to buy a soap with added moisturiser built in.

5 Get some cotton gloves and wear overnight with lots of hand cream inside. I have ordered some from eBay £7.95 for 5 pairs which may also be useful for wearing to the supermarket. You can get them cheaper but I chose a UK rather than a Chinese supplier for speed of delivery etc.

6 Unfortunately dermatologists say in this current pandemic you should carry on with the frequent hand washing, even if your hands are getting really dry.

7 If they get really chapped and cracked you may need a prescription from your doctor. It’s not evident that the Coronavirus enters your hands through broken skin, but other infections might.

8 Try not to worry about this too much.. your hands, the virus, your family, life, as this will exacerbate any skin conditions. I’m thinking relaxing classical music or meditation. Get some fresh flowers delivered to your door to boost your mood or some pretty bright blooms to grow in your garden or in pots, you can order these online.

Dinner’s served so I’m off. Take great care of yourselves and thanks so much for reading my blog xxx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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