Good Luck

As we have reached the end of the working week I would like to say very well done everybody for getting through the challenges of daily life this week. I wish you lots of luck for the weekend, may you and your families stay in good health. I hope you have as much fun as is possible under the circumstances and manage not to worry too much about it all.

I have been missing cooking a bit as I simply haven’t had the time or energy since this virus situation started. However we are still eating and drinking very well, mainly of the preprepared variety, and I have decided that now more than ever is the time to reward ourselves with some lovely food treats. You may well have started to do this already. In which case I would love to hear what yummy things you have been eating. Or you may have actually had more time for cooking unlike me so far, and I’d love to hear about what you’ve been cooking up, success or failure in the kitchen!

At times my husband has been looking a bit despondent about the thought of no pub outing and no eating out at the moment. However there is still plenty of beer in the fridge, so I think he’s going to be OK. I have also been planning and we are very much looking forward to Saturday night margaritas. We usually only drink margaritas on holiday so we are getting quite excited about these especially as I make a mean margarita, if I say so myself. We have even got posh crisps to go with them. Yippee! And I have the proper margarita glasses and everything.

These are our posh crisps..

On tonight’s menu we have got a Charlie Bigham’s cottage pie probably with petits pois (we eat a lot of petits pois.. and my husband always seems to have trouble keeping them on his plate rather than on the floor) and a nice bottle of white wine.

Tomorrow night we will probably have the “Cook” beef wellington we still have in the freezer.. looks amazing, with dauphinoise potatoes. And then on Sunday night it will be lamb kleftico time.

Right I’m starving now waffling on about all this delicious food..that’s it from me, I’m off to crack open a bottle of wine and get the cottage pie in the oven.

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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