Bad hair day?

Hi, how’s your hair looking? You’re not going to get a haircut for a VERY long time, unless you do it yourself. My last haircut was on New Year’s eve, so already somewhat overdue. It’s getting long… I need a hair band and/or scrunchie or some such solution…soon! Husband says he will want me to help cut his when the time comes. I guess I will find a You-tube video and retrain as a barber. Wish me, and him, luck! He will not be returning the favour, under no circumstances. Well, maybe if I had a terrible case of nits or something and there was no other option available. For now I am also obsessively washing my hair since I read that the virus can live in your hair as well as on your clothes… this just gets worse every day does it not?

Well hark at me worrying with vanity about my hairstyle when people are fighting for their lives with this horrible virus. My hair is the least of our worries. Get a grip Gail! Grip? Ha ha.

Yesterday I think at least some of you enjoyed the churches, so I’ll tell you a little bit more about them…

This is All Saints’ Church in Frances Road, Windsor. Personally I like the telegraph lines above… nice shape! I visited this church a few years ago when they discovered the altarpiece designed by Thomas Hardy, yes the writer of Tess of the d’Ubervilles, he worked as an apprentice architect in Windsor. Who knew that? I liked the altarpiece. You can read all about it here.

I also like the rose window of this church and the way the whole building stands at an angle on the corner of the street, and it has a gorgeous cedar tree in front too. You know how I feel about the church architecture + tree combination ❤️.

This was back at The Methodist Church..

I liked the design of this gate…

And Holy Trinity Church was simply stunning in the glorious spring weather.

All this church architecture makes me think of magnificent cathedrals and the marvel of their construction. I particularly like York and Wells. I have always wanted to visit Durham. What about Lincoln? Does anyone have any favourite cathedrals to suggest for my future trips, provided we are eventually all allowed to go somewhere again?

For now I’m off to wash my hair again. Zzzzzzz. If you get bored I thoroughly recommend you read this book which is a tale set in the world of cathedral building in 12th century England. It’s brilliant!

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4 thoughts on “Bad hair day?

  1. Beautiful photos especially Holy Trinity church as my much missed parents were married there in 1953, very special memories. A blue sky always cheers us doesn’t it and a joy to see as the day dawned chilly though warmed up nicely.
    My next read is a dear little book I found at my great uncles house in York as we sorted through his belongings now he’s living in a care home, after maintaining his independence past his 100th birthday last year. A much travelled man who still has a zest for life despite his frailty. The book was awarded to his late wife Marjorie, my great aunt, in 1928 for good work and behaviour in class. Obviously this is the genetic link to my revered school career……! Anyway, the book is titled Bertha’s First Term by Mabel Mackintosh. First glance it reminds me of Mallory Towers stories so I look forward to reverting to my childhood again. That links me nicely to another childhood link….. I added a few tweaks to my wildlife area in the back garden today and will tomorrow visit Sutherland Grange to liberate some frog spawn I saw there on Saturday to add to my wildlife pond. Is this normal behaviour for a 57 year old woman I hear some ask….. who cares, gives me huge pleasure as I can indulge my secret pleasure of wearing Wellington boots & getting mucky by the river. I’ll leave it there as I could witter on & on & on…..


    1. This waffling is contagious. Tina you are a top waffler. Thanks for your lovely and interesting comments. Happy reading and wildlife gardening xx


  2. Yes I went through the hair worry moment and then felt awful bothering myself with that when people are truly suffering. X


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