Before I continue to tell you about my church walk yesterday, I interrupt this broadcast as my husband just interrupted me. The strapline of this blog is “food, life, the universe and everything”. Tonight we have the universe. Husband was out in the garden and alerted me that if I wanted to see Venus I had to be quick to look through the telescope before it clouded over. So I just popped out and there it was, looking very bright, a half moon sort of shape and size. Apparently Venus is about the same size as Earth but it is very very cloudy and very very hot with a poisonous atmosphere. Interesting stuff.

Now back to Earth and the churches of Windsor. As you can see our planet was not looking cloudy at all yesterday. What a glorious sky. It was so quiet out and about. I enjoyed the solitude.

Some of the churches had their doors open and looked quite welcoming, although I didn’t go inside. I guess they are all locked down today.

I liked these blue doors at Holy Trinity Church.

The windows were very attractive at St Edward’s.

Then I got really quite excited when I could photograph this stunning plane tree + church architecture in the same photo…

That’s enough excitement for tonight. Keep well. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more churches and some other stuff xx

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I love food and cooking (and eating). I live in Windsor, Berkshire with my husband David.

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